Zeki Fryers played 13 senior games for Spurs last season with most of his starts coming in the league cup and the Europa League. At 21, the former Manchester defender is still considered as one for the future but the player is targeting a regular role in the side next season.

Speaking to the club’s official website Fryers said,

“I’ve got a lot of experience and further built my character throughout the season.

“Playing certain games has also boosted my confidence, which is good for me moving forward, and hopefully I can take all that into next season.

“There’s been a lot of competition in each position and there’s not one position that you can say is guaranteed.”

In the unlikely event of Mauricio Pochettino bringing Luke Shaw to White Hart Lane, Spurs may still be in the market for a left back to replace Danny Rose but does Zeki Fryers deserve a chance to make this problem position his own?



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  1. yes he does – he’s better than rose – al rose has ever done was score a wonder goal against arsenal. coys

  2. Yes! He’s 10x better than Rose. Stupid of Sherwood not to play him in the closing part of the season instead of Rose

  3. Anyone is better than rose !!
    But please spend some money on a good leftback.
    Wespend loads on these so called good strikers,defence first for a change,we let in to many goals.


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