Enter your own name to finish that title if you want but there could be few players less welcome at Spurs than Real Madrid’s Marcelo. After his role in Peter Crouch’s sending off at the Bernabeu and his evident delight in the red card, the Brazilian remains an unpopular figure judging by the reaction on social media to the own goal that began the scoring in this summer’s World Cup.

There is, however, a rumour that Tottenham could be interested in bringing the player to White Hart Lane although that may be based on the suggestion that we were chasing his replacement Fabio Coentrao. Marcelo is competing with the Portuguese for the left back slot but with Coentrao essentially first choice, it’s claimed he will be looking to move on.

Spurs need a left back and the new head coach has no previous with Marcelo but would we be selling our soul in order to bring the 26 year old to the Lane?




  1. any day of the week. Class going forward, occasionally a liability at the back. Not too bothered about the Crouch incident – as we would’ve lost that game anyway. And if the figures quoted (around £5m) are correct, we’d be stupid not too, especially when the likes of luke shaw are being touted at £30m

  2. didnt even remember it was him celebrating. Come on, signing Adebayor, Gallas etc. was far worse in terms of soul selling!! But ultimately, they are good players and if good players are available you take them. *whispering…* I wouldn’t mind Ashley Cole joining us…

  3. Those fans need to man up and realise that these players spend their whole life training extremely hard to play in the champions league and it’s as important to them as anything that will happen in their professional life. I’ve celebrated a sending off in a cup final I played in and I’m not an obnoxious person, it was just heat of the moment and it’s more a sign of relief than nastiness. You don’t work your ass off to lose do you? Seen a lot of this guy on social media and he seems like a bit of a legend actually so I wouldn’t just him on one act in the heat of the moment

  4. This is not going to happen just like when Rivaldo,shevchenko,coentrao and Mourtinho was going to join. Though we can all dream and hope that one day all this paper talk crap will become a reality. COYS!!

  5. Would You Rather win Or Just Have “A Bag Load of pride” Bentley Gallas “King Ade” Have been serious Enemy’s yet We “Kinda” Embraced them (remember I said “Kinda”)

    If He Will Come (hope So) He Will Help Get A little Quality back at the lane!!! COYS

  6. Most fans would have taken Berba back, we did pickup Ade and Gallas so this would be small fry.

    He’s not my first choice as he is not a great defender but he would be much better than Rose.

    He needs to avoid ‘head butt’ Benny in the battle of the left backs.

  7. To complete your title, ‘..since Germany invaded Poland’ – and not on the football field either! The past is a foreign country; at Spurs we also care about the future. If Marcelo can be bought for £5-8 million I would say yes, he’s fast and influential, he could score and make goals happen through assists. Better at this point than ‘old king Cole’ in my opinion too.

  8. NO! NO!NO! ……Not even for a free transfer….this twat personifies everything wrong about Real Madrid. Cynical fouling,imaginary card waving ,play acting and a mega ego. He will pick up cards every week and gives away far too many fouls. We need sound,steady players at full back (both positions) and thus we should be looking at people like Clyne of Southampton or Davies of Swansea. His transfer fee is not really an issue…..his wages are. Playing for Real Madrid ,he must be on about £150k per week,do we really want to shell out better than that on someone who because of his temperament, is always a liability?

  9. I believe transfers when I see them happen – too many rumours go around every summer. Last year and the year before we were linked with about 50 players and we signed only 1% of them!!

  10. The most unpopular move since Campbell turned to the dark side, and has nobody watched Marcelo play, he’s a dirty bastard and with the speed of the PL he will be off more than he’s on the pitch, not a good move COYS


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