Since the very last kick of 2013/14, Emmanuel Adebayor has been linked with a move away from Tottenham but this could be largely down to the payment agreement with Manchester City which is now coming to an end. With Spurs having to foot the Togolese’s entire wage bill, stories connecting Ade with a move abroad have appeared once again.

Speaking to the club website, the striker is focussing, for now, on the new campaign at White Hart Lane.

“It’s got to be positive,” he said. “This season we’ve had to dig deep. It’s been a strange season, where we’ve started games poorly and gone 1-0 down in a few seconds against teams like City, Liverpool and West Brom.

“There were a lot of incidents of that. We gave away a lot of goals, but I don’t think that will happen again next season.

“A lot of the lads will have a season under their belts and now have more experience.

“We are improving as a team and starting to control games. Next season can only be better.”

Last week, Gylfi Sigurdsson made similar comments before stories re-emerged over a move away from the club. Don’t expect the Adebayor rumours to die down simply because of these words.



  1. Get rid of this guy,now is the right time, he will always see how much rooms there is to Take the piss every player looks after no1 first but Ade is too much Hes happy to collect his Money anyhow and its allot I know hes just had a good season but We should hes get rid now just hop a team likeMonaco are intrested.

  2. Adebayor is not a long term solution to our goalscoring problems. From now on, Adebayor’s value will decrease every season. So we may as well get rid of him now and invest in another player

  3. I for one have to say, thank you for your service Ade! Good luck in the future, with us, or with anyone (except Arsenal of course 😉

    What can we get for him? We’ll be lucky if anything. I don’t know why we just didn’t unload him last year at the end of his loan and let City deal with their mess of a contract with Ade. Not his completely his fault except for the deterioration of his play. City have a lot of blame here, but ultimately, its our front office for bringing him in even with a cut rate deal on his wages.


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