Battle on for Lovren

Battle on for Lovren


It wouldn’t be a great surprise if Spurs head coach Mauricio Pochettino did return to his former club Southampton for summer signings but with Adam Lallana’s transfer fee quoted at around £25m and Luke Shaw’s even higher, the new boss may have to lower his price range.

A more likely move could come for centre half Dejan Lovren: It’s an area of the pitch where Spurs struggled at times last season and with rumours continuing over the sale of Michael Dawson, it could all make sense.

Timing may also be important as the player is heading back from Brazil after Croatia’s early exit from the World Cup and it’s claimed that Liverpool are anxious to tie up a quick deal for the 24 year old. The Reds have their own issues at the back after Daniel Agger experienced a mixed campaign and they remain candidates to sign our former defender Steven Caulker.

As for Lovren, if there is a battle on between the two sides it could come down to a choice between a shot at Champions League football, or a familiar face on the coaching field.



  1. Reckon you might sign Lovern ( not sure who he plays for Oliver )but Saints wont allow Lovren to move unless someone offers big bucks, nice to have a billionaire owner.

  2. Suggest Lovren chooses Spurs; not only to get reunited with his old boss but also to avoid getting chomped on by “jaws” Suarez in a training match.

  3. Why wouldnt Lovren join Spurs they are a much better club and could be on their way up the table in the next few seasons. Exciting times, coys

  4. I can see Southampton accepting silly money for Shaw and Lallana but 15mill. for Lovren would never tempt them to sell

  5. Player power….. If he has put in a transfer request the he is off. At best you can hold out for as much money as possible, £15m sounds about right, there’s not many centre backs go into the £20m bracket but then again if Cheatski can get £40-50m for luis then who knows.


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