Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen endured a sub par display for Denmark in the week as they suffered an injury time defeat to Portugal in their Euro 2016 qualifier and his performance drew some quite startling criticism from national coach Morten Olsen.

Comments raise memories of a David Ginola mistake for France several years ago and the manager was clear as far as blame was concerned.

“After so many matches he could pick up the ball and help to control the game. He has not been able to,” Olsen said.

“Therefore, we blame him. He must stand up to the criticism, and he does too.”

“It is a brutal world, otherwise you have to play at another level. It is not Ajax any more, this is not development.”

The player responded by holding his hand up to some of the criticism.

“I was on the ball and should have brought myself more into the game,” said Christian.

“I am not getting the results in terms of goals and assists and that is not what I want. You can always hope to give your best but it was not one of those days.”

Reports have picked up on these comments and suggested that Christian Eriksen has not improved at Spurs but is that fair and is the Dane suffering from difficult second season syndrome at the Lane?




  1. Olsen is a manager who has no idea how to run a team in the modern game and the failings of the Danish national team fall mostly on his bad decisions and antiquated thinkings. He’s been under so much pressure lately that now he has resorted to heaping blame and pressure on his most talented youngsters and it’s despicable. Eriksen may not have had a stunning game, but he was mostly solid against Portugal and Denmark’s only attacking force outside of Højbjerg, despite vanishing a few times. It also ignores the fact that Portugal defended quite well and that Ronaldo didn’t have much impact either until that lucky, dying-breath moment.

    Admittedly I’m a big fan of Eriksen, which makes it all the more frustrating to me that such a dinosaur of the game is singling him out so unfairly. Eriksen isn’t a player that necessarily flashes, but he works hard and is an outlet for other players that get themselves into trouble- retaining possession, setting up moves and quietly being one of the best players on the pitch. He does this very well at Tottenham, even if it’s not always noticed or appreciated by fans. Or that hack Olsen.

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  3. silly olsen.Ericksen is a gem. He played well enough against Portugal and Olsen should know players are not robots. I thought in all honesty that Eriksen was more influential than Ronaldo and he was always available for the pass that would help counter attack Portugal


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