Paul Merson is pretty well known for his bias against Spurs and never fails to let the opportunity pass to get a dig in with his Sky predictions.

In Tottenham’s last match against Chelsea he rubished Mauricio Pochettino’s side and predicted a 3-0 win for the visitors (he at least got one part of that score right). Having got that prediction complete wrong, this week he offers nothing but praise for Spurs as they face a Crystal Palace side in the relegation zone.

So what score does he predict? A 1-1 draw. It could have been worse… Lawrenson thinks Palace will win 2-0.

merson prediction



  1. As a spurs fan, I have to agree with Lawro and Merson. I’ve seen too many false dawns at spurs (media touting us as dark horses on the back of a promising run), only to have my hopes dashed at exactly the most heart wrenchingly dramatic moment imaginable. Our performances, EVEN the Chelsea one, haven’t convinced me yet, and it’s only until we start coasting through back to back wins with a swagger,that I can ever feel safe from disappointment. But then where’s the fun in that?

  2. As a Spurs fan of 45 years it pains me to see another fan agree with Merson and Lawrenson (two known Spurs haters). Merson is to impartiality (and accurate predictions) what pink is to camouflage and Lawrenson still hasn’t apologised to Spurs fans for dissing their chances of finishing in the top four 3-4 seasons back when Harry was at the helm. Yes, winning at Palace will be no easy feat, especially as Pardew will bring that oft witnessed ‘new manager’ surge in his team’s performance. However, Spurs travel as well as any team in the EPL and a win at Palace is not impossible. Now, let’s see about a bit impartial predicting for the end of the season: Arsenal and Liverpool to be in a dog fight trying to avoid relegation. I just used Merson’s very own crystal ball!


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