The season is barely over but Spurs are proving to be busy in the transfer window.

Kevin Wimmer has confirmed that he’s joining the club, Keiran Trippier is tipped to join him and this morning it was reported that Tottenham have bid £12m for Danny Ings.

There have already developments in the Ings deal. The Independent have claimed that the player has his heart set on Liverpool, while the Daily Mail have subsequently announced that Burnley have accepted Spurs’ bid.

The fact that Tottenham have seen fit to make a bid for Ings rather than attempt to sign the player once his contract ends and pay a tribunal fee, suggests that they realise that they are not his first choice.

If the bid has been accepted they will get the chance to talk to Ings, before his contract expires and other English clubs are free to negotiate with him. Hopefully they can use this window of opportunity to explain why Spurs are a better choice than Liverpool.

The speculation regarding the England U-21 star’s future has been going on all season and you can see why he might have set his heart on a move to Anfield. At the beginning of the campaign, Liverpool were in the Champions League and had come within a whisker of winning the Premier League, with Brendan Rodgers being hailed as a tactical genius.

How quickly things change. Liverpool have just finished sixth – a place below Tottenham – and there are major doubts regarding Rodgers’ future. You can see how Ings would fit into Rodgers’ tactical system that once paired Luis Suarez with Daniel Sturridge, but what if he’s sacked?

Even in Rodgers survives the summer, he will be under major pressure from the start of next season, especially if one of both of Jurgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti are still without a job.

In contrast, there is for once some stability to be found at White Hart Lane. Mauricio Pochettino has had a successful debut season and is now trying to build a squad more in suiting to his style. Ings’ work ethic make him ideally suited to Pochettino’s Spurs.

The fly in the ointment could be the presence of Harry Kane. How do you dislodge a home-grown hero who’s just enjoyed a magnificent season?

That’s where the persuasion really needs to come in. Tottenham need to sell their vision of how Ings will fit into the team.

There will be opportunities for him. Kane can’t play another season where he leads the line in every game and in addition there will be opportunities for the two to play together. Pochettino has played Kane in a deeper role on a number of occasions and Ings could easily fit in on the flanks, cutting in as Nacer Chadli and Jay Rodriguez have managed so successfully during Pochettino’s time in England.

There is no reason for Ings to think that Spurs finishing above Liverpool is an anomaly. In actuality it was Liverpool’s Suarez-inspired title challenge that broke the norm, with Tottenham having now bested Liverpool in five of the last six seasons.

It’s time for Danny Ings to make a big decision and if he makes it logically, he’ll see that Spurs are a safer bet for his career prospects than Liverpool.



    • Of course mate. What have you expected? Check the the name of this website! “tottenhamblog” This should not come as a surprise on you.

  1. He’s not worth it and not good enough for Spurs in my opinion!
    He’s an out an out striker, yet Chadli has scored the same if not more than Ings this season!
    He seems to miss to many chances for my liking, nah there’s better out there and cheaper!

  2. Nice try but it’s not going to happen, he is better off with LFC and he knows it, it’s a done deal has been for a while, he will play the suarez role for them!

  3. Don’t want ings, Anthony Martial & Austin are both better, we would mount a strong challenge on top 4 if we sign both of them, a midfield general and a solid centre half

  4. its about time someone wrote a article in Spurs favour its usually a Liverpool fan dismissing Spurs and saying how much better they are.

  5. Austins a better choice the funny thing is if Tottenham loaned Adebayer to qpr we could have negotiated sale for Austin somewhere down the line,but if this story above is true levy is trying to pull a fast one here for no reason,

  6. Liverpool are fucking SHITE. A shithole of a club still living off their 1980s success. All these squeaky high pitch rat scourers fuck off you deluded freaks. Get a cunting grip you bindipping ugly scroat faces.

  7. Love all the Liverpool fans jumping out of their prams and saying it’s a done deal. The player himself said to the Lancashire Telegraph today that it’s all up in the air and there really isn’t much to choose between Liverpool and Spurs (whether Liverpool fans like to admit it or not). The article makes some good points – Liverpool not the most stable at the moment, plus you already have Balotelli, Sterling, Sturridge, Lambert and Origi who all want to play as your striker. I think it’s 50/50. Would be a good signing for either, but not a great one.

  8. The main point that is being ignored is why would Spurs spend 12 million when 3-5 will do. In fact, who’s ever heard of a club paying 8 figures for a player on a free. As a “bindipping” lfc’s fan who’s not a “rat scourer” (assume he meant scouser) I hope Spurs land him. He’s not the type of player that pushes anyone closer to the top four and just takes up space. Sure, you play him the whole season and he could score you 10-15 goals, but he’ll probably find it harder to score when he’s not on the counterattack and there are 8 opposing players packed into the box in front of him.


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