Twitter was awash with speculation this afternoon concerning the future of Nabil Bentaleb.

Rumours abounded that Bentaleb is unhappy with the contract offered to him by Spurs and wants to leave the club. Amidst the panic there were plenty of sensible voices pointing out how unlikely a transfer would be. Here’s the Twitter reaction.



    • maybe you can replace him you idiot, sell is what you worship like we sold all our best players and never made it big stay small for ever l wonder way no player of talent want to come to us.

  1. Keep at all costs: need to build your squad around a player like him- like Carrick,Berbatov,Modric,Bale should have done.Guess we will sell.Will never ever be a big club, so can’t understand why we want to bother building a new stadium.

  2. I would like him to stay even though he makes mistakes almost every game but he is not yet worth parity with our best. If an offer is big enough let him go.

    • He’s 20-years old for FFS! If he is this good and has the physical and mental strength to perform the way he has performed in one of the most physically competitive leagues this early on in his career, imagine where he will be in a few years let alone 4-5 years from now?? I think he is future Captain material for sure. He leads by example. He shows no fear. He wears the shirt with pride and leaves everything out there on the field. I think Mason is a bit more suspect with his decision-making to be honest and is older at 23 but this is his first break-out season as well, so still a very promising talent for the club. He can do with some gym time though to get bigger and stringer. Bentaleb is already there in terms of physique.

      Keep Bentaleb at all costs Levy!


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