Betting was suspended on the Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea joining Real Madrid today, but the odds suggest that Hugo Lloris may not be the first choice to replace him at Old Trafford.

Cech is evens to join United while Lloris is out at 5/2.

Hugo Lloris has heavily hinted that he’d be happy to jump ship but admitted that there’s no release clause in his contract. That makes him an expensive proposition, at a time when the 33-year old Cech would be much cheaper.

The question is, would Chelsea sell to a team likely to challenge them for the title next season? Perhaps they would be more willing to see Cech move to United than Arsenal. After all, at Old Trafford Cech merely replaces the goalkeeper just voted the best in the Premier League, while at Arsenal he potentially solves something of a longstanding problem.

Spurs fans will certainly hopes that it is Cech rather than Lloris (or anyone else for that matter) who replaces De Gea. The good news is that at least it looks like this transfer saga could come to a conclusion sooner rather than later.



  1. Lloris might go, but if Man U wants him, they will need to pay Levy’s price and it won’t be less than 45 million.

  2. I don’t understand why so many people think Hugo is headed for Manure.They have Valdes waiting in the wings should de Gea move on and he would be pissed off if Lloris or Cech arrived I suspect.They have their replacement at no cost.


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