The Telegraph have reported that Daniel Levy has ruled out selling Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris to Manchester United.

It’s claimed that Daniel Levy has repeatedly informed Mauricio Pochettino that the players are not for sale, with the Argentine desperate to keep them. The article has been met with scepticism on Twitter by Manchester United fans who seem to think it’s a sign of Levy’s brinkmanship. Here’s the reaction.



  1. Remember when Alex Ferguson built a great team from MU academy? Obviously all that work down the drain … How’s Di Maria and Falcao going big spenders?

  2. Does one think dat Spurs will just sell just b coz some big clubs open their mouth.
    EPL have their favourite 1 club sons eg Gerrard, Rooney, Giggs, Scholes etc.
    Look at d success at Barcelona, d young academy lads of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Pique.
    Poch is doin a fine balance of youth n experience to get 11 good attacking lads dat gel. N he did a v good job at Southampton.
    So Spurs r Not a selling club. They too R building PERIOD.

  3. Remember lads, Kane doesn’t want to leave anyway, no matter where to. £50m is very, very low for a 21 yo English striker with the ability he has. Think it would need to be Bale fee plus 10-15 million for us to sell. De gea is still at MU at the moment to nothing doing there

  4. I just want to see proof that Levy has said anything at all. Bullshyt story from a bullshyt Juno. Give it a couple of weeks when loris is forcing his way out and it will be Levy broke his promise when all he’s doing is managing the situation for Spurs benefit.
    Instead of making it up go out and find a real story to report on. Here’s a starter for you. How come arsenal get to start so many seasons with a home game? How come when they start at home they also get to finish with a home game so often? How come they almost never get a difficult away tie after a European match?
    If you want people to believe in you go find something worth writing about.
    End of rant.

    • Agree with your rant about the arse.With the exception of last season(we had QPR at home.Im noit sure of my actual facts in all honesty.But the Premier League has been going for what about.22 years now. the Arse have started with a home game on about 15 occaisions.Thats about a 68%.Same with Manu.Its not only FIfa that needs looking at..

      • Things changed a bit when Lord treasman took over the FA but then he got sacked for saying he already knew Spain will win the World Cup and Russia will get 2018.
        Guess what happened next?
        FA. Bent as a nine bob note. Journalists all copying what the last guy wrote. Nothing changes.


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