We’re growing to love the Tottenham YouTube channel SpurredOn and their latest video had us chuckling at the abuse they’ve been receiving from Arsenal supporting internet trolls.

Their comments sections are so chock-full of expletive-laden missives from illiterate Gooners that they’ve compiled a top ten list of the very best ones.

For a sample of the sort of abuse that SpurredOn are receiving from Arsenal fans who have nothing better to do than leave comments on a Tottenham YouTube channel, you only have to look at the responses to this very video, which includes this poetic message from Muhammed Ol Razin.

I will eat your yid poo on gooner toast you messy haired, job free spurs phans. Why dont you support a real north london team? And not one that plays in white. White is the colour of toilet paper you k*nt. Is it true you fired your cleaner for your trophy room as they had no job to do?

Good grief. Here’s Barnaby and Rhys with their ten best/worst comments from Arsenal fans.



  1. But we are supporting a real North London team, Arsenhole are South London rejects .No sense, no good, no hope Coys!

  2. Every team has gobshites with a chip on their shoulder, at least you play entertaining football. Tottenham are the second best team in North London, third best in London. However I’m willing to be proved wrong by this time next year. Bring on the new season.

    • Agree the Stink play better style of football at the moment ,not good enough for the Pl title but they top the league for gobshites !


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