Tottenham’s season began with defeat at Old Trafford, going down 1-0 to Manchester United.

Kyle Walker’s own goal sealed the win for the home side in the first half. Spurs had started well before that, and Eriksen came close to opening the scoring for the visitors.

Neither side really looked ready for the curtain raiser. It was unfortunate that a mistake won the match for the hosts.

Tottenham stayed in the game until the death. Eriksen tested debutant Romero late on to no avail.

Toby Alderweireld enjoyed a fine first performance in a Spurs shirt and Michel Vorm deputised well in Hugo Lloris’ absence.

Here’s the best of the rather sensible Twitter reactions…



  1. Were playing far the better football until Bentaleb AGAIN gave the ball away that leads to a goal ( the last one was against Real Madrid ) I think he ( Bentaleb ) thinks he is better than he actually is and this leads to sloppyness . After that Spurs lost their confidence until well into the second half.
    So frustrating to lose again because of an unforced error when things were looking so promising.

  2. Bentaleb needs a wake up call. Bench him now until he gets it in his head he must stay focused all game long. He’s obviously gotten big headed after last seasons praises. We have a reasonably strong and versatile midfield without Nabil so we could afford to not use him. We must act now whilst it’s early days. We need to support Kane more. Need attack minded player to help divided the opposing defence.

  3. Bentaleb is young so I can give him a pass but walker was way out of position which caused him to be out of control when he knocked in the og he has been a liability for 2 years and he was again today we acquired trippier for a reason let the kid play he was terrific against Milan and would be an upgrade over a shaky and over aggressive walker

      • Walker played really well to keep the diver Ashley Cole under control. He was actually IN position for Bentaleb NOT to lose the ball. Bonzo was also the only player to make the effort to rectify Bentaleb’s cock-up and was, IMO, unlucky not to have made a timely clearance rather than inadvertently scoring a technical OG. I also think that we needed Hugo in goal as he would have been quicker off his line which could also have helped us recover from Bentaleb’s mistake. Vorm is a good keeper, but not as good as Hugo in these circumstances. Bentaleb had a nightmare that would have left any RB, including Trippier, in dire trouble. I like Trippier a lot, and it will be good if Poch rotates, but don’t blame Walker for another player’s mistake.

  4. Bentaleb is young but not without experience. He is old enough to have confidently determined he is worth as much money as the ‘others’. when you sell yourself as being so good, using performance statistics and then are awarded for your performance you better live up to the standard because the penalty is greater than or equal to the reward. I would not give him a pass. As for Walker, he basically should not have started this game. Kieran Trippier’s preseason performance, for me, was far more outstanding than Walker’s. I would have thought Trippier is the recognised first choice right back with Kyle Walker fighting for his position back. Pochittino mistake was not starting his best right back.

  5. Walker was one of the better players on the pitch today. Spurs looked good – Bentaleb messed up.
    Not the first time: I have never been sold by Bentaleb yet – hopes he proves me wrong.

  6. Walker may have been one of the better players today, he still is not, IMO, our strongest right back. Trippier had earned that starting position for our season opener. His preseason display has produced more positive results than Kyle Walker. Both are good in their position and I am very pleased about this. I believe we are strong in many positions. Maybe Bentaleb is should not be declared an automatic first choice def/mid. Each position has players who will have to compete for the honour of being in the starting eleven. For me Walker did not win the starting role and Bentaleb has not earned the starting role in next weeks game. Perhaps a game in the reserves to sharpen his discipline and passing skills.


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