For the second week in a row, Tottenham threw away a lead in a Premier League game – this time at Leicester City.

After an incredibly boring first 80 minutes, substitute Dele Alli put Spurs ahead with ten minutes left. It was a great moment, and Alli will be pleased he was able to make such a quick impact.

But in typical Tottenham fashion, the hosts equalised straight after through in-form winger Riyad Mahrez.

Social media was a frustrating place to be throughout the game. Thankfully, Dele Alli prevented a full meltdown. Here’s how Twitter reacted…



  1. Alli must start next game he’s gonna be our new gazza .. He will be that good … Mason out walker out Davis out lamela defernately out chadli out … Alli Pritchard rose trippier Clinton in …

  2. What an assinine comment from DJ.

    Walker is our best right back by miles and after an injury plaugued period has been excellent this season now he is fully fit.

    Chadli scored 11 league goals last season and is already off the mark this season. When has a midfield player consistently got double figures for Spurs.

    You probably have never even seen Pritchard play, Trippier isn’t in the same league as Walker and being about the same age never will be.

    Not to worry the scholl holidays will be over soon so you can have more to do than waste grown ups time with your childish posts showing your total lack of understanding about how football works.

  3. I am sick of being a Spurs fan if our manager who talks nonsense in interviews worse than avb on that score can not keep picking lamentable lamella second only to soldado for being crap but he picks him instead of Ali absolute joke that’s u Pochitino I could pick a better side than that. Play Trippier I bet he wishes he stayd at burnley he is much better defender than Walker and can cross better for Kane. Also Levy who I can not stand get your money out we not spent hardly anything sick of seeing we interested in about 200 players if u want bairehino then pay the price you wally.

  4. F u Jim .. You need to go back to football school if you can’t open your eyes an see walker ain’t no footballer he’s a head less chicken he’s a liability chadli blows hot an cold all season like a lot of the team an your as dumb as pochettino if you think he put out the right team…

    • Walker is an England international who has played close to 120 premier league games Trippier is a Championship player who has 38 top flight games and his team got relegated. Chadli offers goals and assists double figures last season in the league. You couldn’t name the last player that got double figures from midfield in the league for us, so I laugh at your clueless comments.
      Rose is clearly not fit and if you had a clue you would know he is clearly 1st choice when fit. No one knows what Clinton will do here and he wasn’t exactly stellar in a much weaker league but with 2 days training why on earth would the manager throw him in unless he looked head and shoulders better than what he already has? Pritchard has exactly 0 mins of premier league football so he will have to prove he is better than what is ahead of him to get minutes too.

      You are clearly clueless and think professional football is like championship manager!

  5. The only reason that Poch. is still putting Lamela in is because Levy is hoping he will play good game & he can up the price when he tries to sell him. Also of course he is a fellow countryman.

  6. All Spurs supporters seem to see things the same way as I do,which is basically the opposite of MP.Can’t believe an intelligent man like Daniel Levy(tight but clever) chose him as our managerAs bad as AVB if that is possible.

    The only thing Daniel Levy,Enic, the board and MP will understand is if we boycott the forthcoming home matches.I know that this will never happen,but the joy it would give me….
    Watch another club step in and buy Berahino paying the going rate and leaving DL once again with egg on his face.But never mind, Spurs fans will accept this….


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