One of the ultimate snubs in this crazy modern world is the social media ‘unfollow’ and now even footballers are getting in on the act in what seems a pretty lightweight attempt to force a transfer.

Earlier this week Saido Berahino unfollowed West Brom on Twitter. It might seem a petty act but to be fair to the player the Baggies do seem intent in making the transfer saga as public as possible, painting Berahino as the villain among the fans.

Now Victor Wanyama has followed suit by unfollowing Southampton. It is unlikely to force the Saints into selling the player but does show his desire to move. Far more tangible was Wanyama’s assertion that he could not play for Southampton this week due to ‘illness’.

Whether it will be enough to persuade Southampton to allow the move is another thing. As was the case last summer with Morgan Schneiderlin, Spurs have waited until very late in the window to make a move for a player that the club’s management know very well and when Southampton have already sold several players.

To sell him now would leave Southampton with very little time to find a replacement. Of all of Tottenham’s transfer targets, Wanyama looks the least likely to arrive and may have to start following Southampton again next week.



  1. The question all clubs have to ask themselves is: do we really want that kind of player here? Unless you are an elite club (and even then, this can happen), you will always be wondering what happens if Berahino/Wanyama/Stones etc. gets attention from a bigger club than yours? It unsettles teams (particularly once the season has started) and reeks of a five year old having a tantrum in Tesco.

    I get that players want to move on, and players have far more power than even 2-3 years ago – but at some point we have to stop this rubbish. If this ‘modern method’ is accepted as ‘the way it is today’ then you can keep it.

    • The way to stop it is to ensure the “silly season”, I mean transfer window, ends before the season starts. Then Levy would have to get his negotiations done earlier, because that IS the problem here; Levy always leaving it too late, you’d think he’d of learnt by now.

  2. The selling clubs always have the upper hand particularly this late in the window however, a disgruntled player isnt good for the dressing room as we’re constantly being told. Us Spurs fans have witnessed this behaviour first hand. Berbatov, remember his petulance towards Martin Jol and team mates plus refusing to play until he get his way. Laterly with Modric and then Bale effectively going on strike. Personally I dont like this sort of attitude, no honour at all, a contract means bugger all if a player wants out. What’s to say that should Spurs acquire these two players that they wont use the same tactic against us should Real or Barca come calling in future if they perform outstandingly for us?

    • Agree entirely Ray. I’m a Saints fan and after what happened to us last summer, I’ve completely changed my attitude. If a player doesn’t want to play for the club I support then he can bu@@er off as far as I’m concerned. Get rid at the best possible price. If Wanyama has “unfollowed” Saints, that clearly says a lot about his mentality.

  3. I think WBA to a certain extent have made things worse by “airing their dirty washing in public” so to speak. all it’s really achieved is to wind up Berahino even more and consequently make life harder for themselves in the long run.

  4. I find myself in agreement with the consensus here. Once FIFA has been purged of all it’s robber barons, I really think that they should take a look at the enforcement of contracts. On the one hand we have players like Slaggybayor who has effectively been on strike for most of the past two seasons and we are obliged to pay him. while on the other we have players signing 6 year contracts to get huge pay rises and then going on strike to force a move a year later.

    Like most of the posters here, I take the view that if Berahino fulfills his potential, it’s only a matter of time before he repays us in kind. More to the point, I don’t think he is half as good as Embolo, who is reportedly available at £10 mill.

  5. “I think WBA to a certain extent have made things worse by “airing their dirty washing in public” so to speak.”

    Having seen nearly two months of Tottenham online bloggers clicking their fingers and expecting Berahino to jump ship in an instant since the merest hint of transfer speculation, I’m pretty much in approval of West Brom’s decision to play hardball. As for Berahino, unfollowing West Brom on Twitter is pretty much what you’d expect from a lad who seemingly hasn’t grown up yet and who’s head has been turned so much by all the speculation, it’s a wonder he hasn’t been signed up for an Exorcist sequel.

    Let’s face it, the Spurs fan who says that Tottenham wouldn’t dare do what Albion are doing if they were in the same position is a bare-faced liar. You’ve sold players, of course, but have received the kind of cash that could built a small town in return. And you expect Albion to meekly acquiesce and accept whatever meagre sum you deem fit? Come on.

    In the end, Berahino may end up at White Hart Lane, but you can knock off the piety. Two months of Spurs online Little Napoleons dictating terms to another club and thinking they’d get away with it almost invites Albion’s present stance.

    Or he could go to Manchester United. You know, the one in the Champions League.

  6. Ha, You Spurs fans really are deluded. We don’t need to sell him, that’s what our chairman keeps telling Levy. We will keep him, and he will continue to score goals for West Bromwich Albion. It’s not as though Spurs are a good team is it?. The Gareth Bale season topped it all off for you, and now it’s back to normal trying to keep among’st the top 10.

    The media love you because you are in London, pure and simple..

    We know what we are! shame you lot don’t

    Up the baggies!

  7. Top ten?? We have been in top 6 for best part of a decade. Have WBA? & we
    R run wrong. If we were led correctly would do far better

  8. I am a die hard spurs fan somewhere along the line Levy is messing up our beloved spurs why must spurs play second fiddle to, all the other clubs when it comes to the transfer window

  9. It is going to difficult for these two players (and also John Stones) to be welcomed back by their fans and team mates after a public statement saying that they do not wish to play for their club any longer. The players are going to be annoyed by not being able to continue their careers at a percieved bigger club. In business outside of football this happens all the time and the assets have to be replaced, (it has happened on a number of occasions to Spurs also) without the financial recompense that is being offered here. It is unlikely that these players will produce their best form again for the club that blocked their move for a good few weeks/months after 2nd Sept, if they have to stay where they are. If the player doesnt want to play for you anymore, get rid…


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