The one thing that we’ve learned from the Saido Berahino saga is that West Brom love a public statement.

Baggies chairman Jeremy Pearce seems to be enjoying his moment in the sun and today ruled out the possibility of Saido Berahino leaving the club in this transfer window, while criticising Spurs for the timing and the value of their offer. Here’s how Twitter reacted to the development.



    • Think it’s Levy who is the wanker, this always happens with his transfer targets, all done too late and trying to save e a million here and there. Our beloved club will always be trying to play catch up with the top seven all the while Spurs is run as a business first and a football club second. FACT!

      • piss off, just regurgitating the usual drivel.
        Levy does a lot better than most could/would – Spurs punched above their weight last season. FACT!

    • Well said Charles. What a fine advert to spurs fans you are. I’ve said all along Mr Peace will never lose a battle of wills. Levy met his match, with the fact being he thought he could offer Staggered payments. Well that doesn’t sound like the chairman of a supposed big club does it? Pay the whole 25mil upfront and maybe we’ll let you have him. Face facts chap, your club are premier league also runs, just like West brom, but Albion still have Berahino.

    • Why Bob? SB is contracted to West brom. Peace has just done his job. The problem with Spuds fans is you believed the London bias media and old melted welly face Redknapp. If Spurs pay the amount Albion say then they might get him.

  1. If anyone is guilty of unsettling Berahino it his chairman, Spurs have not come out saying we made this bid and that bid, he has bringing attention to the situation. I hope this is definitely not going to happen now as he is overrated and can stay with his poxy chairman. As for Levy I’m on the fence, we need financial stability in today’s football but we also need to compete with the other top clubs for the best players it can’t be easy!

    • Dormouse. You’re not a top club. You’re like all the other premier league clubs outside the top four…… Also runs. When you realise this you’ll feel better. You could always support a big club like Arsenal.

      • A big club like arsenal.
        Yeah the club who cheated their way to where they are today, if you hadn’t of aborted your dead foetus outside of SE18 you’d of been Spurs fact!
        We are Tottenham Hotspur from Tottenham and always will be.
        Hurts doesn’t it Dial square or who ever you are!

      • I don’t recall saying Spurs are a top club? but I can say for sure we are bigger than WBA and the majority of clubs in the league. We are definitely a top 6 club with aspirations to break in to the top 4 which we have done on 3 occasions in recent years and yes we need to improve to sustain our position and get ahead of Arsenal who I acknowledge have finished above Spurs for years. All I’m saying is the noise about this transfer is coming from West Brom not Spurs and if the bids Spurs have made have ben late in the transfer window and not to WBA valuation, well shit happens and this goes on all the time.

        • The noise has come from Spurs by their use of journos paid under the table to write stories. Peace has just responded. I do admire your loyalty but it is delusional to suggest Spurs are a top club. They could be (since Joe Lewis is worth £5 billion) but he has his placeman, Mr Levy, operating on a different financial level to the big boys – and you cannot break their grip without matching their spending power. Spurs are a nice little club and we always enjoy meeting you.

  2. Typical cockney twats…think they can lord it over what I assume they think is a smaller club!

    Sorry old beans but you may be the Spuds but WE’VE still got the goods!

    Pay-up OR shut-the-fuck-up!!

    Peace is NOT for turning.

  3. Huh, what’s it going to be like knowing your star player handed in a transfer request, shut down his media contact with your club, publicly said he wanted to come to us, was willing to turn his back on your club for us cockney spuds and you’ll be cheering him on all season knowing that. Who are going to be the twats. Big big club mentality haha…

  4. just need to say that whilst west brom fans are crowing that he is staying although they are secretly slagging him off at the same time , you need to realise that he has been looking for a way out for a few months now so its no surprise to wba secondly although wba are moaning about this and that about the transfer fee the fact is that wba were always exspecting to sell berahino and probally in this window although only spurs were interested so no auction happens so levy makes a normal bid on what they feel his value is with less than 2 years left on contract but peace then starts barking to the media about how this has unsettled his player and so on , reality is hes really fucked it up peace is a idiot if he beleives that berahino is going to work his arse off for him and score loads of goals then it shows how delusional he is and if he was so good why is he on only 15000 grand a week and not on a contract that shows how much they want him , lets face it wba are a smaller club than spurs and wont be catching up any time soon wether berahino comes or not . frankly i dont give a shit either way

      • the rant as you put it is , all we are hearing is what a second rate organisation spurs are , how levy is a tightfist [ true ] spurs should pay up or shut up , and so on , if he comes great if he doesnt who cares we have more than enough to carry on with and probally a long list of alternatives , wba put all this in the public eye and then they moan about it and now peace has alienated his own player with his actions , everyone who works for someone signs a contract of work but for sum reason if you want to work elsewhere you give notice and leave but in football you put in a transfer request and you get told you got to stay not to sure on the legal side but seems wrong to me but then maybe thats whats wrong with football maybe he should then just pay up his contract with wba if they wont let him leave and walk away which would cost around 1.5 mill but if he did then who would be moaning then , i know if it was me i would just walk but then i can afford to .

  5. Exactly as I predicted(Berahino would stay at WBA or go to another club other than Tottenham which might still happen).Why should Levy care?Another full house at the Lane coming up and Levy is happy and believes that all is rosy in the garden.Until we Spurs supporters decide to boycott games,nothing will happen and the board will be content to carry on it it’s normal way.Not certain that The Son deal will go through either.We deserve what we get for being pathetic fans accepting what the board dishes out.

  6. I’m glad we are not being rinsed for over £22 million for Berahino as he is not worth anywhere near that, i would say £15 million at best, Pedro went for £21 million, WBA can keep him, does Peace not realise most expensive big transfers are paid in instalments over a few years, smaller transfer fees get paid off in one go because it is a small fee, we have a massive amount of money to pay for a new stadium and regeneration and don’t have a massive budget for players so i’m glad Bera is not coming, Peace wanted to flog him for £25 million all upfront which is crazy and giving it all the yap to the media which has only p1ssed Levy off so he is going elsewhere, i think if Peace shut his big mouth Levy would of stumped up the extra but in instalments, now WBA have an unhappy player and the fans will ultimately turn on him. Peace screwed up but wants to blame Levy to deflect his screw up, he should know better and to not do things correctly and kept things quiet and i believe WBA would of got the £25 million. BTW we have had plenty of clubs unsettle our players and them leave, it happens to every club so get over it and stop hating.

    • We don’t hate Spurs – we feel sorry for them. Peace made no statements until Levy had been planting stories through his paid journos for over a month – and then his comments were brief and polite. You do not seem to realise that Peace is a serious businessman, completely different to the Mafiosi and wide boys in charge of most clubs. He knows the West Brom finances, knows he can afford to keep Berahino and has the track record to back his decisions. Daniel Levy, on the other hand, is simply a placeman for Joe Lewis and has no business record independently of Mr Lewis. I know whose judgement I would trust.

  7. Glad I had £90 on SB to stay @11/4.
    I’ve seen Peace in action for a decade. £10M from the Vile for Curtis Davis, £7M for Kamara from Fulham….
    the list goes on.
    He will screw Levy. £26M or pipe down.

  8. Spurs are a huge club, blah, blah, blah. They’ll sign Berahino, why wouldn’t they?
    He’d be a great signing with Kane, blah, blah, blah.
    It would be holding him back if they didn’t let him come and warm the bench at a huge club like Spurs.
    What? they’re not signing him? Well it can’t be Spurs fault, because Spurs are such a big club aren’t they?
    Albion are shit, Jeremy Peace is a twat, I hate Birmingham, I hate all West Brom fans, blah, blah, blah.
    Berahino is shit anyway. Spurs are too big, blah, blah, blah.

    Who the hell is Son Heung Min, never heard of him?
    What, he’s signing for Spurs?
    OH! Son Heung Min, yeh he’s quality, why wouldn’t he want to join a big club like Spurs?
    Son Heung Min is better than Berahino anyway (ha!)


    • Brilliant Smithy. I’m enjoying the reams of garbage being spouted by spuds fans because “Corr blimey guv, we’ve ad our backside slapped, av it!!!!, apples and pears, jellied eels, Leave it arrt me old cock sparra” just a reminder to all lilywhites, we don’t give a toss whether SB stays or goes. It’s all up to him now. Do you really think that if Man U came in he’d still say “I want to go to Tottenham” be honest,

    • An odd perspective. Peace has just stated the obvious and has been polite throughout. Levy, on the other hand, has ensured by his tactics that he will not get Berahino (unless he makes a late change of tack and puts the asking price on the table with no strings). He has only done well if you think Spurs should not sign Berahino – in which case why start the process? We all know Berahino will be sold, in January if not now. Will you congratulate Levy when he is sold to Man Utd or another rival?

  9. All this ‘airing your dirty linen in public, bad show Jeremy Peace, how dare he’ teeth-grinding shows the rank-and-file hypocrisy of a measure of the Spurs fan base. For nearly a good month, anyone using internet search engines to see any developments on the Berahino To Spurs story found a tidal wave of Spurs internet bloggers casually giving their own price on Berahino (a cheap one obviously), thinking that a deal could be done in a day, what with Spurs being a big club and all that and West Brom being a small outfit easily cajoled into letting go a talent that came up through the ranks. Easy, innit? Here, Jimmy! Go down the. boozer and order us a pint! Saido’s gonna be a Spurs player by lunchtime!

    And all this guff went on. Massive assumptions that Berahino would be at White Hart Lane before your lunch was ready, massive disrespect for the club that brought him through their ranks. Why, the Spurs online ranks were already drawing up team formations from the very first day the name Berahino was mentioned, including the lad in the first elevens on the sure knowledge he’d wear a Spurs shirt before the weekend. And West Brom? Yeah, said the Lilywhite Army, they’d be happy with £10m, wouldn’t they, piffling little club like that? I mean, we’ve got Harry Kane, but he’d take HUGE money.

    And it went on. Little bedsit warriors telling West Brom that they surely must give up Berahino now. He’s ours, they all said on those internet blogs. Give him to us. Have a tenner and a tube of Smarties for him. But it didn’t stop there. Soon Wrighty and ‘Arry and others, along with a few pals in the London press, were doing Spurs PR for him, tapping him up so loudly that you could hear it on Mars.

    Yeah, horrible, disrespectful West Brom. How dare they. Spurs have been so respectful, so quiet. Like little church mice, never raising a peep about Berahino and leaving him alone and never turning his lovely little head. Except for all those blogs and newspaper reports saying he’d turn up at White Hart Lane in 48 hours.

    You could do what West Brom do and grow your own youth players, bring them up through the ranks. After all, you’re a big club.

    Aren’t you?

    • blah blah blah jeremy peace put this in the public eye with his statements theres not been any from tottenham officially and none from levy , the only loser in this affair is wba and the player who wants out and will leave wether you like it or not and i doubt he will put in any effort to make wba victorius on the pitch as he is running his contract down , doubtfull anyone of the top teams will be in for him now unless hes cheap . and any club worth their salt would have other options should a player be sold as proved by tottenham who have gone out and bought a player who has better overall stats than berahino , bought and paid for in the same way as was offered to wba and every other transfer in europe but for less money seems to me and many others that peace has had is bottom smacked he thought he could get major bucks for berhino but he didnt no one else wanted him cus hes not as good as you think if he was everyone would be knocking yer door down . yeah yu still got him but he wont be much good for yu now . losers ..small time club small time manager both with delusions of grandeur , and hes only on 15000 he could buy his contract up for less than 1.5m small time payers aswell .

      • I don’t exactly hanker after Berahino’s departure, but if he should go (and he will), I wouldn’t mind Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea to come in for him. Trophies and honours almost guaranteed, an opportunity he won’t get from Spurs, who’ll try, try and try again. But never succeed.

        The anger against Peace and WBA here isn’t just because of Peace’s statement in itself, but that WBA didn’t stick to the script, the one that says WBA should’ve taken the £15m for Berahino and be glad about it. No. What they did was to ask for a price commensurate with a player whose potential could be moulded and honed and Spurs didn’t want to pay it. And by the sounds of it, the bid was shaped so that it fell in Spurs favour, not Albion’s. Spurs’ perceived influence and power in the market seems a little delusional when a club half its size tells it to virtually do one.

        Moreover, Spurs fans’ anger and bile is one of their own making. Look back on a search site like Newsnow, type in West Brom and do a search history, and you’ll find a huge wave of Spurs bloggers thinking that the Berahino deal is sewn up, done and dusted, and done so with such farcical certainty that you could feel pride coming before a fall. And this is weeks ago.

        They even – and I can’t believe this myself – accepted the back page articles of pondscum papers such as the Daily Star and the Metro as stone-cold truth, not even bothering to check whether there were source quotes or anything that would given any credence to the story, especially the ‘Berahino Signs In 48 Hours’ bullshit story, which not only came from a Daily Express hack who virtually admitted it was lies but did it anyway because, according to him ‘he’ll sign anyway’, but was then taken by other news websites, leading to another 10 bloggers thinking it was fact and rubbing their hands thinking that all was needed was the lad’s signature to seal it all. Lies. Crap. Bullshit.

        And believed by an unquestioning fan base that didn’t bother to do their own research. Memo: when loads of headlines come from a source that happens to be the Daily Star, do your own research.

        Bitter at WBA? Resentful at Peace?

        Look closer to home for the problem.

        And Chalky, you’re either having a stroke or you’ve never seen the inside of a classroom. For your sake, I hope it’s the latter.

        • I agree with much of what you say but you are too kind in overlooking the real story – the corruption of Fleet St journalists who are nominally paid by their papers and have a second income source from clubs when they write stories as required.

  10. Levy lost this one when he paid his tame journo’s to write stories rather than engaging in proper negotiations and putting an early (and proper) offer on the table. When will the ‘tapping up’ rules be enforced. Levy seems not to realise that Peace is the most successful businessman outside football amongst English owners. He is not a clown who can be intimidated.

  11. Jesus, the banter on this story goes on. I take most media reports with a pinch of salt as more often than not they are inaccurate and I am sure the clubs start half the rumours anyway selling and buying. I am also sure if Man U came in for Berahino he would forget Spurs in a flash as a Baggies fan commented above. The whole topic of who are big clubs will rumble on and on but given where a team finishes in the league on a regular basis, what league they regularly play in and if they have success wining some other silverware be that occasionally or more frequently is one measure of how big they are. West Brom is a good club, well run has a experienced manager but they will always have more successful and larger clubs ( however you measure it, fan base, history whatever) coming in for their best players as is the case for all football clubs. I hope WBA avoid relegation and Spurs finish top 4 but whether it happens, who knows… may be not, lol


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