Tottenham were left thinking of what could have been after throwing away a 1-0 lead against Anderlecht.

Christian Eriksen had opened the scoring after just four minutes after a decent start by the visitors. Spurs, though, offered very little cutting edge and should have gone 2-0 up, which would have killed the game off early on.

A goal either side of half time for the hosts killed Tottenham. It was a disappointing performance but Anderlecht deserved their win.

Here’s how Twitter reacted…



  1. I can hear Pochettino now saying we had most of the possession and were in control of the game.
    Sorry, the majority of our passes to each other were in in our own half. Yes, we kept the ball they backed off. Ask yourself Mr Pocettino, how many shots on target really troubled their keeper. Oh yes Kane should have scored but then so should they. How many times do we play and and don’t hit from outside the box.
    Too many fancy flicks back heels when the simple ball should be played. Only one player worth his wages no prizes here Lloris.

  2. Each and everyone of these players has been recruited from their various teams because of their outstanding performances and individual potential. They all have displayed themselves with excellence at their former clubs, yet after coming to Spurs they fall completely on their faces. Now this analogy is extreme however it is not far off the mark. What the F…k is going on and why is it going on? Our biggest strength is our weakness. We have no winners on our team. It’s not till players leave Spurs are careers resurrected. Now our manager is saying we are okay because we have lost once in nine games! True, we just don’t win enough games. One game we may play well then we completely fall apart. Nothing we do seems to work. We will never gain the consistency required to be winners. We simply are not strong enough, mentally and technically.

  3. Years and years of under investment and we are exactly where we should be-nowhere! what do we expect???? going into the season with one striker! What do we expect??? now that one striker is struggling who else is there? what do we expect? Levy not giving poch the tools for the job! Modric has not been replaced, we can see we need a creative player in centre mid as we create nothing, we break down, up front time and time again from bad crossing not getting past the first man, shooting when we should be passing, in the final 3rd we are abysmal. We are loyal supporters for years and years and what do we get back? underachievement, mediocracy and failure. Why are we building a massive stadium of 61.000 when we only need 50.000? Levy acts big but delivers nothing.

  4. Getting pissed off every week saying I am very ” Disappointed ” after game reports, fans do not want to hear this and want results , decent team selections, stop rotating players in key positions and have some sort of plan to win the game ,….or perhaps he is just not up to it ….


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