Tottenham dominated the first half of their Premier League clash with Newcastle United at White Hart Lane, but it took until the 39th minute for the deadlock to be broken.

The hosts made the breakthrough from a set piece. Christian Eriksen’s wonderful delivery was powerfully headed home by Eric Dier.

The central midfielder’s aerial ability is one of his most admirable traits, and Dier once again proved he has more to his game than simply shielding the back four.

Here’s the goal.



  1. Why has Poch put Carroll in, he’s not good enough and he is unbalancing the team, I think the coach needs to kick a few backsides in this team, to many of them are living on early season performances, Dier may have scored the goal, but he was also responsible for Newcastle’s first with some sloppy passing, Prem winners, do me a favour, we will miss out on top 4 again as usual

  2. I can’t believe we just lost to one of the lowliest teams in the league. How in god’s name were we out played by Newcastle? As usual we roll over and curl up in to the fetal position and allow the opponents to get the better of us. I laughed when others talked about the DNA within Tottenham Hotspur. Our mindset is defeatist. We make heroes of opposing players. One bit of pressure football and we fall to pieces. We panic and fail. Again, the laughing stock. Henry has no reason to worry about Tottenham. There is improvement but we simply are not man enough to take these games by the scruff.


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