No matter how well Spurs do between now and the end of the season, there is absolutely no chance that they will win the Premier League unless Leicester start dropping points.

Yet while Leicester hold a seven point lead, they also have some tough fixtures to come before the season ends. If you’re thinking that it’s too much to hope that they could possibly allow Tottenham back into the race, take a look at these five Premier League title collapses.

5. Newcastle 1995-96

The most famous Premier League collapse is probably Newcastle’s in the 1995-96 season, thanks to Kevin Keegan’s “I would just love it if we beat them” rant.

Newcastle were 12 points clear of Manchester United in January, before a run which saw them lose five times in eight matches. By March, Alex Ferguson’s side were top and eventually won the title by a four point margin.

4. Manchester United 1997-98

United let slip a similar sized lead in 1997-98, but did so at an even later stage of the season. Despite being some 11 points clear at the start of March, United were eventually overtaken by Arsenal in Arsene Wenger’s first full season in charge.

Our rivals won ten games on the trot to overhaul a United team that held a six point lead at this exact stage of the season, to win the title by a single point.

3. Arsenal 2002-03

The roles were reversed in 2002-03 as Arsenal let slip an eight point lead over Manchester United at the beginning of March.

A run that saw Arsenal win just four from nine games allowed United to overtake them and take the title by five points, as Alex Ferguson’s side won nine of their last ten matches.

2. Liverpool 2013-14

With just three games remaining of the 2013-14 season, Liverpool held a five point lead at the top of the Premier League after a 3-2 victory at Norwich extended their winning run to 11 matches.

A home defeat to Chelsea, followed a 3-3 draw at Crystal Palace ended the hopes of bringing the title back to Anfield. Manchester City won their last five games to take advantage of their games in hand and win the league by two points.

1. Manchester United 2011-12

If City fans didn’t get as excited as you might expect at their comeback in 2013-14, it’s because they had pulled off the most dramatic title win in Premier League history just a couple of seasons before.

With 32 games played, Manchester United held an eight point lead over City, but a defeat to Wigan, a draw with Everton and a loss to City themselves, saw that lead surrendered.

On the final day of the season Manchester City would win the league if they beat QPR. Just to rub it in against their local rivals, they left it as late as possible to score the winner. Imagine seeing Harry Kane do something similar to this on the last day of the season at Newcastle…



  1. I know miracle can help us win the league , but miracles dont occur often. Lets head back to 2015 April 5 ( last season ) and and think current status ,and start rejoicing the glory of being Second


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