Dele Alli has been a fan favourite from the moment he made his debut for Spurs and it reached new levels of hero worship last night after his brilliant display against Stoke.

The England midfielder took his Premier League goal tally to ten for the season with a brace at the Britannia and the travelling fans rewarded Alli by singing his name all night.

When Alli first broke into the Tottenham team he had a version of the Hokey Cokey sung in his honour. This was short-lived and soon replaced by a more standard and somewhat dull, ‘Dele Alli, Dele Alli’ (repeat ad nauseum) chant.

It wasn’t up to the standard required for a player who thrills is so regularly, but thankfully a new song has reared it’s head. If you’ve not worked out the words yet, it is set to the tune of Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart and goes like this…

We’ve got Alli, Dele Alli
I just don’t think you understand
He only cost five mill
He’s better than Ozil
We’ve got Dele Alli

Here’s footage of the song being sung in the stands at Stoke.

And here’s an even livelier version being sung at half-time, which proves that our away fans are performing just as well as the lads on the pitch.



  1. Meh, I liked it more when I only knew the first line, rest is a bit s#it.

    Though “Danny, Danny Rose” is still a laugh. Hopefully we buy him. :p

    One more thing Spurs fans, do they hand out free Valium at the lane? Never heard such low energy drawn out chanting in my life, literally all your songs are sung at half the pace they should be.


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