Reports from Spain have recently claimed that Spurs were ready to pay big money to buy Saul Niguez from Atletico Madrid.

At the time we questioned the likelihood of the deal, considering that Saul was a product of Atletico’s youth system and unlikely to want to leave the club that he’s been at since he was a boy, at a time when they are about to contest their second Champions League final in the last three years.

So it came as no surprise today when it was announced that Saul had signed a new contract with Atletico. When a player is in the market for a new contract, supposed interest from other clubs is a useful bargaining ploy and it looks like Tottenham performed this function to get Saul the deal his representatives wanted.

Which brings us to Christian Eriksen. The Dane has only two years left on his contract and is in negotiations over an extension. Earning just £30,000 a week – something of a pittance for a Premier League player of his quality – the Evening Standard reports that Eriksen is looking to double his salary.

With the talks having gone on for some time without an announcement of an agreement, perhaps we shouldn’t be shocked that Juventus are interested in signing the playmaker.

What would shock us is if Eriksen actually ended up in Italy. This looks like a classic ploy to pressure Spurs into offering the right contract and we expect a grinning Eriksen to soon be pictured alongside Mauricio Pochettino, committing his future to the club.



  1. Well I would agree that 30’000 per week would be low and I find that hard to believe. I would be happy to keep him as we need a deeper squad but he proved again this year that he is a good player but not great. Contrary to all belief his free kicks this season were awful. 2 goals against Swansea. That was early in the year. Why has no one questioned this??? Despite what some Stats may say Eriksen has not scored on his last 58 attempts.

  2. Spurs don’t have many creative players who can attack..dribble..D most creative is Eriksen.
    Spurs need an attacking..creative..dribbling midfielder to go past ..when opportunity opens up. Toure of Man City or a Beckanbauer ..Scholes..comes to mind..
    Unless u are Messi.
    Spurs got v good midfielders in Dembelle..Lamella.
    Chadli seems bit lost lately.
    Dont sell.

  3. Yes 30K does seem low by Prem.standards.However I agree with Andrew that his consistency this season has been well below par.It’s been my contention for some time that our playmaker should have a more physical presence and be able to take players on.Someone like Vidal at Bayern perhaps.
    It became clear in the last four matches that strengthening in certain positions is paramount,although Alli and Dembele didn’t help the team with their crass actions.They were sorely missed.In fact those games showed up Lloris’s inadequacies as captain as he should have rallied the players and demanded concentration and application.

  4. Signing Trippier & Davies kept Rose & Walker on their toes. No competition further up pitch, signing 4 or 5 quality players will improve Eriksen & Dembele.


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