Christian Eriksen has turned down Tottenham’s offer of a new contract and unsurprisingly the news has caught the attention of one of Europe’s biggest clubs.

Reports claim that Juventus are keen on the Dane and with the sale of Paul Pogba to Manchester United seemingly close, the Serie A club will not be short of funds.

Eriksen currently has two years remaining of his £30,000-a-week contract and has been offered £50,000. Unsurprisingly, Eriksen’s representatives think that he’s worth a better deal and it’s not hard to see why.

Despite being of the most important members of Mauricio Pochettino’s team, Eriksen’s salary is dwarfed by players such as Erik Lamela and Heung-Min Son, who he has often outperformed.

Eriksen is said to want parity with the highest earners at White Hart Lane. If the club fail to pay him what he’s worth, then they shouldn’t be surprised if he draws attention from other quarters and has his head turned.



  1. Not hard to see why?? The greed of these players leaves me gobsmacked! He already earns more in a WEEK than most supporters do in a year!! If he could put a corner in that doesn’t hit the first defender would help! Over rated, already overpaid! Sell him! Have you ever even see him smile? Let the youth through!

  2. Errr, yes, as Matt says don’t pay our best players a competitive wage. If they aren’t willing to work for minimum wage we should just sell them. Then after a few seasons we’ll be playing in the conference and can watch Spurs for cheap. Oh Wait…that would be shit.

    Get this deal sewn up already peeps.

  3. As Matt said, it is very important he smiles more. That is far more important than creating goals, scoring goals, and being generally very good. Back in the real world: pay him more. We want him, we need to keep him.

  4. We need to offer him a competitive wage so he is at least on par with people he consistently outperforms. He is key to the team and should receive a wage to reflect this. People will say he is being greedy and footballers are spoilt but that is the world we live in.

  5. If he doesnt want to stay then sell him but sell him now, but remember this is all gutter media speculation and all a bit knee jerk Harry Hotspuresk so lets wait and see shall we!

  6. Matt was right about his useless corners. He has some great skills but really is over rated. This idea that he is a lethal dead ball taker has to stop. He had two against Swansea at the start of the year. Thats it!! 0 for the next 57 attempts!. I don’t think we would miss him at all, and if Juventus seriously offered 30 million he would already be gone. I know the media keep on about him and he is Ok but come on he is not going to make or break us at all. IF he wants to stay and accepts a reasonable wage raise then maybe but I wont be crying if he left either.

    • Lol !! Then keep on playing Son 70,000 + who scored just 4 goals last season !! and sell the player who scored 6 PL goals last season and assisted 15 ( next to Ozil and more than Fabregas and Silva ) , he is the one of only players who settled in at the club in their very 1st season!! … Also sell your best players ( Lloris too !! )
      For god’s sake pay him what he deserves and don’t sell your best players considering him as greedy even if he isn’t

  7. Some daft comments here.. Yes he is lavishly paid already and earns more in a week then we do in a year.. However, this is the pathetic world we live in and it doesn’t change the fact he is playing alongside players who are paid more than he is.. It’s not ridiculous nor outrageous to ask for parity. Although the amounts are different, I once quit a job because my colleagues were being paid more and my employer refused to give me parity. It’s perfectly reasonable.

  8. Pay him more or sell him but do it quick. If he wants to go sell him, we won’t crumble. We are champions league bound now and want players who will die for the shirt. He’s over rated IMO opinion anyway, to inconsistent, same as Lamela. Get new blood!

  9. Great on his day, but as stated, massively overrated. Would it be good business to sell for 30 million, take depay on the cheap from United, younger and probably eager, just what Poch is after, could mix well with Vincent?

  10. Anyone who can’t see that The Dane is one of our best 3 players doesn’t know what they’re on about, he’s a class act and to have got away with paying him £30K a week for the last few years is amazing, he’s worth 3 Sons and 2 Lamellas it’s just our Daniel being the great businessman(tightarse) he is, no way Poch will let him leave.

  11. It never ceases to me amaze me the number of “copy and paste” muppets that are running these blogs. All it needs is one person to write that he is earning £30k a week, and then all blogmeisters are voicing an opinion on this iniquity.

    Google “Christian Eriksen Wages”, and the first five sites I looked at list him as £80k, £65K and £64 (x3). So a message for the OP here: “£30k per week”? And you know this because…?

    I know the answer is that he read it on another blog, but a serious question here is, “Do any of you bloggers have aspirations beyond cutting and pasting others mistakes”?

  12. I don’t care if he never smiles…. Unless that is a greater measure of class, beyond goal scoring, assists, leadership, determination and deadball delivery. I’d rather be the one smiling when we pay him what he deserves and he stays.

  13. For me pretty much Tottenham’s stand out player, scores provides and instigates, deserves to be one of the top earners at the club!


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