Tottenham will not let both of these players leave this summer

Tottenham will not let both of these players leave this summer



The West Midlands-based newspaper Express & Star have claimed that Aston Villa are ready to make a loan move for Kieran Trippier.

Such a deal seems unlikely on a number of levels. Firstly it seems that DeAndre Yedlin will leave Spurs this summer, with Derby and Hull reportedly interested in signing the USA international.

Mauricio Pochettino left Yedlin out of the trip to Norway to play Inter Milan, preferring to take Trippier as Kyle Walker’s deputy. Since then Yedlin has been heavily linked with a move away from White Hart Lane.

There’s also the fact that even if Tottenham did decide to keep Yedlin and move Trippier on, it’s unlikely that they would allow the former Burnley full-back to leave on loan rather than selling him. Southampton were reported to be considering a move for Trippier earlier this summer and there would surely be clubs willing to pay a fee for a proven Premier League performer.

Finally, it would seem a strange move for Trippier. Having been let go by Manchester City earlier on in his career, Trippier has worked hard to get back to the top flight. So why would he drop down a division, rather than to remain in the Premier League?

We think that it will be Yedlin who leaves Spurs before the transfer window ends and Villa could do worse than considering signing the American rather than Trippier.


  1. From what Ive seen of Yedlin he looks like a really good player in the future. Sure, he has a mistake in him as all young fullbacks have at that age (walker only recently has started to iron that largely out of his game although pochs system allows him the freedom to be covered by Dier and Dembele going forward) and especially with his limited playing time in the league, but he has a real presence a right back, with physicality, speed, trickery and an eye for goal. Seemed to really grow into his role at Sunderland (much as rose did there although it was more slow for Yedlin with managerial changes and really only started to flourish under Allardyce) and would’ve thought the best way forward would be to have a sit down with him and explain we think he has a bright future with us but he needs another season of regular football on loan for his progression. Think David Moyes could make him a top right back. Really think Yedlin has a bright future and hope its with us.

  2. With the pace and general ability Yedlin seems to have going forward, why not keep him and Trippier and use Yedlin as a winger. Or we could also play two right backs when playing a very attack heavy side, especially in the CL

  3. I am also one who thinks that Yedlin can play further forward. It would release him of his defensive flaws and he’d be able to use his immense speed to assist us going forward.
    If he were to do that he can then work on his end product and finishing. I think he can be better the Walcott given half the chance.

  4. @BigDick anyone can be better than Wallcott given half the chance but that is not the benchmark here…

    People seem to think speed is all it takes to make a good winger but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a reason why Rose is a better LB than left winger, even tho he’s better going forward than defending. Yedlin would have to add a lot of strings to his bow to play LAM better than Lamela, and I’m sure u are not suggesting we change our system and the way we play just to accommodate Yedlin as a winger..?

  5. Personally I think it would be worth trying him more forward. Think back of a young left back good going forward, bit lapse on the defensive side with great pace. We was on the verge of selling him for a cut price until Rednap gave him his chance and now he’s one of the top strikers world wide at Real Madrid. Don’t get me wrong I am by no way making comparisons between the great one Bale and Yedlin, but at least give him a go before dumping him. Don’t know what you may be losing until you try.


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