Tottenham’s under-18s coach Kieran McKenna has left the club for Manchester United, according to ESPN.

McKenna, 30, has overseen the development of a promising group of youngsters at Spurs including Shayon Harrison and Marcus Edwards, who both impressed for Tottenham in pre-season friendlies against Juventus, Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan.

But now McKenna will be working with Manchester United’s under-23s. His exit is apparently unrelated to the departure of head of recruitment earlier this summer, and ESPN’s Spurs correspondent Dan Kilpatrick suggests the club is “relaxed” about the move.

It’s not exactly a mass exodus, but some Tottenham fans will be understandably concerned about two key staff members leaving the club in such a short time.

If ESPN is correct and Spurs indeed gave McKenna their blessing to leave for Old Trafford, there isn’t much to worry about. There has been an emphasis on youth development at Tottenham since Mauricio Pochettino’s arrival, so the club is likely to move quickly to replace McKenna.



  1. I just wonder how many more will be leaving Spurs. We sadly, have already lost two of our top scouts and now our under 18 coach I just wonder who will be next. It must be very difficult for Mr Pochetino to keep losing his staff especially as he recommend his coach from Southamton.
    You cannot blame the scouts from leaving since all their hard work is kicked into the long grass by
    Mr big head Levy.
    I feel very sorry for Mr Pochetino for he must feel very frustrated working under a man who will
    only buy someone who is cheap. With all this happening I just hope that Mr Pochetino won’t be the next to leave. But, then again who would like to work under such a boss!

  2. I was a fan of Levy up until this transfer window, now I have had enough. He is a tight cunt. He must be thick aswell, speculate to accumulate in a CL season but oh no he won’t buy what we need just like the last CL season. We will have a bad season imo. What a cunt.


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