With Premier League defenders consistently feeling the wrath of Harry Kane these days, there appears to be only one solution: be on the same side as him.

That’s what Tottenham defender Kevin Wimmer thinks, anyway. The Austrian piled praise on Kane in an interview with the club’s official website.

Wimmer said: “You only have to see what he does every week in the games – I think he’s improved a lot from last season. He was great last season but he’s improved even more.

“He can keep the ball so strongly, it’s difficult when you’re behind him. He’s such a strong guy, he protects the ball so well, he’s quick, he’s sharp and, in front of goal, whenever he gets a chance, it’s usually a goal.”

“It’s the same in training,” he added, “so it’s always a good feeling in training when we play games and you’re on the same team as him – but not against him!

“I said to him after the game [against Stoke] that everybody expects him now to score three goals in every game, otherwise everybody is disappointed!”

“When you see the skills he has in front of goal, it’s unbelievable – I think it’s unique.”

It’s clear Wimmer is pleased he doesn’t have to face Kane, but he’s surely unhappy he rarely gets to face anyone right now.

The Austrian has struggled for minutes this season; perhaps he will get his chance soon as Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen deal with minor niggles picked up against Stoke.




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