It’s official — silly season has started already, and it’s only March.

The Star reports Jose Mourinho is willing to pay £80 million for Harry Kane if Manchester United fail to sign Antoine Griezmann this summer.

Kane’s goal record is pretty much second to none in this country, and his stock has risen even more after three hat-tricks in his last nine outings.

A record as truly astonishing as that is bound to attract suitors. Kane has netted over 20 goals in all competitions in each of the last three seasons, so doubts over his consistency have been completely eradicated.

Manchester United’s fall from grace has seen the club throw money around like there’s no tomorrow, and Kane is certain to be on their shortlist this summer.

But it’s unlikely Daniel Levy will sell one of the club’s prize assets to another English club. Dimitar Berbatov was the last real star to leave for another side in this country, and Manchester United and Chelsea have failed in their respective pursuits of Gareth Bale and Luka Modric in recent years.

Of course, money talks. But Kane, who has spoken about potentially being a one-club man on many occasions, is likely to remain with Spurs for the foreseeable future.



  1. He’s gonna have to double that 80 M just to get told to do me,. Tens piad 100 M for a Pratt with a haircut that can’t defen d to save his life

  2. It’s bad enough that other sites are peddling this nonsense but I expect more of a Spurs site than to help stoke the Harry to Manure rumours. And that is all they are.

  3. For gods sake. We are second in the league, they are 6th. We have the best stadium in Europe coming very soon. It’s Manchester, where it rains every fuc*ing day. We’re in London. Please give Kane some credit, he aint stupid.


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