Now that everybody has calmed down a bit after the incredible late turn around at Swansea, we can finally start looking back at some of the moments before the first Tottenham goal in the 88th minute.

Spurs dominated for the most part but their final ball was inconsistent until Dele Alli’s equaliser. That goal was followed by another from Heung-Min Son and a final goal from Christian Eriksen.

Eriksen was arguably the man of the match. We gave him an 8 out of 10 in our player ratings, but perhaps we didn’t realise just how well he played throughout the contest until watching the video below, which was put together by Twitter user Nathan (@TTTactics).



  1. Just superb! Christian is absolutely gold dust when he plays like this. Priceless and a key part of the ‘feel good’ factor which defines this team.

  2. This video demonstrates beautifully why I’ve had him as captain of my fantasy team for last 3 months; he’s scored me a lot of points. Made it worth getting up at 1.45 am to watch Wednesday’s game.


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