Manchester City will be kicking themselves as Spurs right-back signs new deal

Manchester City will be kicking themselves as Spurs right-back signs new deal

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 21: Kieran Trippier of Tottenham Hotspur in action during the EFL Cup Third Round match between Tottenham Hotspur and Gillingham at White Hart Lane on September 21, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)


Kieran Trippier has signed a new five-year contract with Tottenham, according to The Times.

That deal should give Manchester City a free run at Kyle Walker, who Spurs value at around £40 million.

But will the Manchester club be kicking themselves a little? Trippier was a product of the City academy until they let him go to Burnley for close to nothing in 2012.

Three years later, Spurs signed the defender for just £3.5 million, and towards the end of last season Trippier emerged as Mauricio Pochettino’s first choice right-back.

Walker and Pochettino were apparently involved in a disagreement regarding the England international’s fitness and ability to play more than one game a week.

As a result, Trippier began playing big matches ahead of Walker, who has been linked with a move to Manchester City ever since.

Walker might be the slightly superior all-round player, but City might just regret letting Trippier go. It could have saved them £40 million.



  1. Would have made more sense for them to have inserted a buy back clause on Tripps from the beginning – but hey oil sheik city don’t bother with silly things like that, just wave their cash about.

    • Jealousy?
      City and Chelsea are clubs who are having some trophies bought for them by some unpleasant oil mafia exploiters of their own people. No-one really cares. At least United earned their trophies by building from within and spending money they, themselves generated.

      I know you are desperate to believe everyone is jealous of you but no-one really cares. That must really hurt. Two nothing clubs, who were never anything and no-one is even jealous that you are having trophies bought to make a fake history. And City… I’ll tell you what City are, City are the less successful Chelsea of the north. And you think everyone is jealous of you ?

      I’ll tell you what, mate, with all of your money Spurs have finished above you two seasons running! When we achieve anything at all we enjoy it because we’ve earned it. We remember pipping you to the CL on your own ground not least because we were overcoming the odds. We were sticking one in the eye of financial doping. It was a joyous occasion. All you do when you “achieve anything” (I use the term loosely) is jump around hysterically desperate to thinking is making you personally something, desperate to think everyone is jealous of you. You should just call your stadium Stamford Bridge Northern Branch ?

      Now, toddle off and let the real people talk, there’s a good chap.

        • The most expensive squad ever assembled without a single youth player in the first team when they won the first prem title, gotta love clueless goons like u! As for the rest couldn’t get past the first load ov shxte!!

          • You fucking prick, get your facts right you dickhead, mica Richards was not only in the squad when we won the league and was with us since the age of 13, but he won the PL twice when he was part of it two years later. Why don’t retarded fuckers like you just except you are shit and will never win fuck all because of Daniel levy and that hurts. Wanker

      • You can buy anything with lots of money, but you can’t buy with it is respect, pride and glory.
        Good luck with your “fake news!”

  2. He didn’t get one first team appearance at City and while he is half decent, he wouldn’t get in the team now and Walker also isn’t worth the ludicrous amount mentioned.The remark above about City’s owner is beneath contempt, especially as your club is owned by someone who spends his time as a tax exile, and quite frankly, none of us will ever give a moments thought about anything supporters of a club subservient to American gridiron think.

    • Just purely in reaction to your claim that Walker isn’t worth the fee mentioned: Spurs don’t value Walker at around £40 million, that is just the amount City had their friends in the media put about as how much they were “prepared to spend” on him as part of the now familiar traditional tapping-up process pioneered by Real Madrid. I don’t know why the author of an article on a Spurs site is even pandering to it. Levy will be demanding much more. Why? Well, let me explain it to you as you obviously can’t be objective enough to work it out for yourself.

      Walker is widely considered to be the best right-back in England, which is presumably why City have gone to all the effort to tap him up.
      Walker is coming into his peak years.
      He is on a long contract.
      He is English and qualifies as home grown.
      Spurs do not need to sell.
      Spurs do not want to sell him.
      He had been publicly and blatantly tapped-up.
      The market is inflated, City played a big part in making it so.
      City paid £50 million for John Stones, just think about that for a minute.
      City are direct rivals to Spurs.
      According to Iheanacho’s agent City are refusing to sell to Spurs as they are direct rivals.

      Now, can you see why Daniel Levy is holding all of the cards and something north of £50 million should be the minimum Daniel Levy would by demanding?

      Your club should be preparing for a rinsing ?

      P.S., regarding the author of the article again: Trippier is the competition at right-back, not the replacement. Anyone who imagines Daniel Levy would contact potential buyers of Walker and let them know that negotiations can begin in earnest as a replacement is signed must believe Levy has the negotiating skills of a flea ?

      • Hey idiot think about Rio for £30m 15 years ago, inflated? Think about pogba £120m, inflated then try bent £21m and how about sisoko £30m?? Bargains eh? Lol then you may find when people sign players like side show bob for £50m that’s city’s fault, just like it was two decades ago with £29m veron, £30m teen Rooney and camel faced rio all city’s doing!! Pahaha NUGET

  3. S-P
    I’m some what amused at your rant about MCFC. The fact remains that you have not won a trophy for some time now and to be honest I can’t see you winning one anytime soon!! For the record, City fans have been loyal to our club through successive relegations and years of living in the shadow of the most successful team in the modern game. So now we get some investment and force our way to the top table and people like you can’t cope with it. There are lots of parallels with our clubs and all clubs have great support and also some real green eyed idiots. We’re as we are here stay. You have had Your good run but bottled it just when everyone else were struggling around you. I bet that hurt?? You played great football for most of last season and beat us fair and square at the lane. That said the result at our place was nothing short of an injustice that ironically involved one of the players at the Centre of this article. Onwards and upwards for us and business as usual for your lot I think which is being a slightly better version of Everton and nearly winning something only to fall at the final jump. As an aside I think Levy is the best CEO in the business and deserves the credit for getting you into the top 4.

    One question. If the Americans suddenly pumped millions into your transfer fund. Would you be reporting what a travesty it is being involved in buying success or would you get on the gravy train and ride it s the way to a future with trophies and honors??come on be honest :-))

  4. S-P

    “At least United earned their trophies by building from within and spending money they, themselves generated.”

    I think you should read your football history, United were backed with a lot of money in the 50’s and 60’s by a shady character called Louis Edwards who, owned a very large Butchers business. It was his personal money, not the clubs, that invested in players like Denis Law who he bought from Torino for £100,000.00 making him the worlds most expensive player at that time.

    • He needs to look at Utds spending in the 80’s and early 90’s, unrivalled but why let facts get in the way of complet bollxcks lol

  5. Dear or dear SP, what a shitty nonce you really are, let’s face it, Spurs are the Devon loch of football and only just a slightly better version of Everton, soon enough with your move to Wembley this season, you will be getting hammered by just about everybody as you won’t know how to play on a proper full sized pitch rather than that postage sized shithole called white hart lane.


  6. Trippier is NOT as good as Kyle Walker, he will never be as god as Kyle Walker. Dont pretend to make out Trippier is something he is not, I was there and watched him come through at City and personally I was never impressed by them. Trippier couldn’t even break into what we were back then, a mid table side in Europa at best.

    You’re deluded if you think Trippier will be any better than a fringe Europa League player, the calibre of youth City now have in their academy make Trippier look pap average.

    • In fact Trippier wouldn’t even get onto our bench even before we buy new wing backs this season, soon as our youth start coming through in a few more years < after all our NEW academy needs time to work on them. You will see the final product and will be lucky to buy a few from us.

      I agree with a previous comment someone made, you will struggle at your new stadium. It's inevitable and until you throw off the shackles of that current owner of yours Levy, you won't challenge for the title. You only got second because the rest played shit, much like the same as Leciester City, they only won the league because everyone else was crap and never turned up, not forgetting Leciester had major help from referee's, the FA and the Premier League, yes i do believe the English governing bodies are corrupt, but English football is too powerful, to rich and too much of a profit to FIFA to suffer the way Italy did.


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