Dele Alli is considering leaving his long-term agent Rob Segal in a bid to increase his wages, whether that’s at Tottenham or elsewhere, according to The Daily Mail.

The 21-year-old apparently believes he is worth triple his current £60,000-a-week salary, and that new representation could help him earn his true market value.

The Mail claims both Manchester clubs and Chelsea are interested in Alli, but the attacker is “keen on a move abroad.”

Given his quality, we’re sure to see story after story linking the England international with a move away from the club while he remains a Spurs player. At this stage, it’s all merely speculation.

Alli was on the scoresheet in Tottenham’s 2-0 win at Newcastle on the opening weekend.



  1. Utter bollocks! Is this supposed to be a Spurs blog? The best thing to do when confronted by malicious gossip, bald faced lies or wholly unsubstantiated innuendo, which is the total ‘stock-in-trade’ of tabloid rags like the Mail, Sun, Mirror, etc, is to studiously ignore it! Don’t give it any credence and treat it with the contempt it deserves.

    These so-called ‘newspapers’ don’t report actual ‘news’ any more, so why treat it as such? They fabricate stories conjured out of thin air, on a whim, created out of the feverish imaginations of the semi-literate hacks that they employ to lie to the general public, who they laughably call ‘journalists!’. Would you pay any attention to a person who was a serial liar? Neither would I, so don’t waste your time, or those of your readers, by regurgitating this crap.

  2. I agree with the comment above, this is straight out of the Daily Mail book of comic journalism….

    Deli Alli has not been quoted at all on this matter. Disgraceful.

    I think this site has just sunk lower than the tit boy hotspur bottom feeding site who has the footballing oracle ‘Glady’s’ who continually provides utter nonsense (who clearly doesn’t exist by the way), for website hits.

    This site should be ashamed. What happened to facts, quotes and a real attempt at journalism???

  3. Jennings – Quoting a tabloid rag and it’s unconfirmed rumours- Is not journalism. It is the perpetration of slimy crap. Don’t quit your job at the doggy wash. There is no future for you as a sportswriter.

  4. A lot of Spurs fans getting butthurt about stories like this, but trust me there’s smoke there. And where there’s smoke….I’m die-hard Spurs, but even I can see Alli being a pseudo-superstar type ego. With that trophy Kardashian-eque girlfriend, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he’ll jump ship to Spain or Italy any chance he gets. The guy’s not Kane. He’s not satisfied with a pipe & slippers. Dele Alli wants to be paid like a Bale. Within two years he’ll be gone.

    • Well, you have either not seen any of his interviews or else you don’t paid attention to how he handles himself. He is always humble, down to earth and a surprisingly ‘feet on the ground’ kind of guy. I frankly don’t see Alli going anywhere in the next year or two and I also expect that Levy will break the Spurs wage structure to accommodate the financial demands of both Kane and Dele Alli and to ward off potential suitors.

      Now if Spurs fail to win any trophies in the next 2 or 3 years then I think inevitably some of our top players will leave and Dele Alli could be amongst them, but unless that happens there is no reason why Dele cannot progress his career with us, especially under Poch’s guidance and with the new stadium soon to become a reality, the club is on an upward curve as much as he is.

  5. I believe next season they will all get bumper pay rises due to the extra money coming in and hopefully a trophy of some kind this season will keep them here for years to come.


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