Dele Alli could be banned for four games if he is found guilty of raising his middle finger during England’s 2-1 win over Slovakia at Wembley earlier this month.

Both the 21-year-old and Kyle Walker, the player Alli claims he aimed the gesture towards, have sent written statements to Fifa contending the incident was a personal joke between two friends.

According to the Telegraph, Alli will be suspended for up to four games if Fifa doesn’t see the funny side.

That means the Tottenham attacker could miss the first two matches of the World Cup in Russia next summer.

Surely Fifa will see sense so that this farcical situation can be brought to an end sooner rather than later.




  1. If Ali does get banned the English media must take some responsibility. The day after the “gesture” there were calls for Ali to be hung drawn and quartered before he was banned for life. Later this wholesale condemnation changed to “he needs to grow up” etc., etc. By then it was too late and the damage was done. So Ali gets banned and Chelsea supporters are allowed to sing their antisemitic songs yet again without a murmur from the FA and certainly no action by either FA or FIFA.

    • It was the English media, the one that sits on England’s back moaning about why our footballers don’t do better, that did the “drawing out attention to..” manoeuvre based on their cameras. ITV1 was the channel whose presenter did this, showing a film-clip drawn from their access to cameras focused on so many players. At the time I also suspected it was an ITV ploy to trouble Dele who has become the face of BT Sport in its advertisements.

  2. Dele is not without blame though is he.. he is currently serving a three game ban by Uefa, now faces a four game ban by FIFA.. clearly he needs to think more about his actions. He is a PROFESSIONAL after all.

  3. Hold on everyone must note FIFA and UEFA do not like English teams or players in the EPL . ALLI incident storm in a teacup. Swift reprimand and fine that’s it job done! Why the Spanish Inquisition . Look at Vertonghen sent off for nothing the German made the most of it feigned injury so no Vertonghen in return leg. What did Hera ref do sweet FA.

    We can be verbally abused at Spurs nothing happens to the racists but if we step out of line – God forbid . So we stand alone and we are proud to do so . All I say is COYS Show them we are not going to be bullied.

  4. If Dele receives a suspension for the gesture then one can be assured that either Dele Alli or England or both are being targeted. That the recognized most corrupt and self-serving organization in world sports would mete out a severe penalty for a hand gesture is unbelievable.

  5. It’s unbelievable how how Fifa and Uefa don’t like English players. They always go the harsh ways for us. Maybe it’s something to do with brexit.

  6. I agree, if Dele Alli gets a suspension then why have Ronaldo, Messi etc been allowed to get away with all of their cheating and fraud/tax avoidance over the years?
    Time for UEFA AND FIFA to man up, All should be treated alike, including themselves.


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