Real Madrid would rather sign Robert Lewandowski than Harry Kane this summer, according to reports in Spain.

Kane has scored 35 goals in all competitions for Tottenham this season and has been repeatedly linked with a summer move to Madrid by the Spanish media.

Meanwhile, Bayern Munich striker Lewandowski has found the net 32 times in 37 appearances this term.

Madrid are reportedly keen to refresh their forward line following a disappointing La Liga campaign – Karim Benzema has scored only four goals in 23 league appearances this season.

At the age of 24, Kane is the obvious candidate as his best years should still be ahead of him. Lewandowski, on the other hand, turns 30 in August.

But according to Spanish outlet AS, Madrid would prefer to sign Lewandowski because of Kane’s “introverted nature” (via journalist Tom Allnutt).

Kane is also likely to cost a lot more than Lewandowski. The most recent statistical analysis suggests Kane is worth upwards of £200 million.

Given his age, Lewandowski will probably be the cheaper target by a considerable margin. Spurs fans will be hoping AS are on the money with this one.



  1. Right, introverted nature (?!). Well, firstly it’s good to know that all you Real Madridders
    have given up on the constant attempts to ‘buy’ Kane. Secondly, if your reason is true, it simply reflects
    what you are …a brazen, buy everybody that’s outstanding but don’t develop from within,
    megalomaniac type of a club, which would rather have egotistical and individual ‘Galacticos’, all
    believing they’re better than their team-mates, and with no real care about anything other
    than their pampered inflated overpaid selves. No wonder Kane wouldn’t fit in with that ethos, and I’m surprised Bale has.
    But, I tend to think that the REAL reason you’ve given up in your forlorn pursuit of Kane, is that
    you’ve finally discovered you’re dealing with someone who seeks Glory only at Spurs, who is loyal to Spurs, and wants to achieve things at the club he loves, and in the city he grew up in.
    So you’re clouding all this by saying he wouldn’t fit in at Real Madrid because of his introversion.
    Well, you’re partly right. But it’s not introversion. He just wouldn’t fit in with all that inflated ego crap, full stop!

  2. Spanish outlets AS and Don Balon are so full of bullshit you’ve just got to laugh at anything they write. Next week it’ll be another version of why Real Madrid are withdrawing their interest in Harry Kane. It appears that the penny has finally dropped for the Spanish clowns. They’ve finally come to the realisation that Spurs won’t be forced no matter how hard they try, into selling Kane and they can’t tap him up like they did with Modric and Bale in years gone bye. Those two had no loyalty, easy prey who were more that eager to get to Madrid by the quickest possible route. However, I have no doubt that the slavish clowns masquerading as reliable journalist attached at the hip to Real Madrid, will come back again with their story telling at a later date.


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