A number of Tottenham players say they are being “worked too hard” and need more time to recover in-between games, according to the Times.

Since Mauricio Pochettino took over as manager in the summer of 2014, much has been said about the amount of training he requires from his players, which is mostly down to a focus on fitness.

But the Times now claims several members of the squad aren’t happy with the amount of time they are given off, particularly after a busy summer schedule at the World Cup – nine Spurs players reached the semi-finals in Russia.

The players in question are unknown, but the Times’ report suggests those players believe they need more time to recuperate after games or their poor form will continue.

Tottenham suffered a third successive defeat for the first time under Pochettino on Tuesday, losing their Champions League opener against Inter Milan.

The fact this information has been leaked to a national newspaper is perhaps more worrying than the actual content of the report, which is likely just a reaction to a string of poor results.



  1. typical media made up BS with no evidence or quotes with names to offer.
    Fact is spurs have been like this since day one with poch so why is it suddenly an issue? perhaps they need to just start going to bed earlier.


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