It seems Paulo Gazzaniga isn’t the only Tottenham player who needs to work on his tackling after Sunday’s defeat to Chelsea.

The Spurs goalkeeper gave away the penalty that allowed the visitors to go 2-0 up just before half-time with a moment of madness.

Instead of going for the ball with his hands, Gazzaniga completely took out Marcos Alonso with a flying kick. Willian duly converted the penalty to essentially win the game for Chelsea.

Late in the match, Chelsea attacked again and Mason Mount made a run into the middle. As the video below shows, Danny Rose wasn’t having any of it.



  1. were do you start i cant think any player was worth more than a 3/10 as for Son the karate kid what was he thinking Christmas coming i will get a 3 game ban and a long holiday back home ? and Gazza trying to take the head off a Chelsea player that could have been a disaster down to 9 men this is not the Spurs i started following all those years ago with style and flare


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