Tanguy Ndombele has opened the scoring for Tottenham against Wolves.

Less than 90 seconds in, the Frenchman midfielder, having been teed up by Ben Davies, thumped home past Rui Patricio to give Jose Mourinho’s side the perfect state at Molineux.

It was Ndombele’s third goal of the campaign in all competitions, but first in the Premier League since the 6-1 victory over Manchester United back in October.

Watch Ndombele’s cracking strike in the video below.



  1. More boring mourinho tactics cost us three points. He has become now the reason we are starting to go backwards. Hold on hold on hold on. The guy has become obsessed with defending when we go in front. He is useless. A winner as a manager he used to be but now no he doesn’t know how to win.

  2. I’m still surprised at how many fans are still actually trying to pretend that this whole Jose thing is some kind of match made in heaven.

    His last three jobs ended poorly with him falling out with everyone, and I put that down to him being completely inflexible in an ever changing football world. These tactics just don’t cut the mustard anymore, we have players that can play football and he only lets them do that on the counter attack.

    He should never have been given the job, no other big club wanted him, we go up to him with our begging bowl and give him a go. Unbelievable.

  3. It’s paaaainful watching the Prem trying to keep box office Jose in the title race…with his average 30% possession dark age boredom tactics. No shots on target since the 21st minute, it’s utterly ridiculous. But, he’s one of the only personalitys sellable for em. You got Klopp….and that’s it really up top. Who else? Ancelotti? FLampard? Zzzzzzzzzz….no , Jose must be involved hence the extreme bias and VAR campaign against Liverpool who last season were LiVARpool…..funny that? After Leeds v Burnley adds yet another damning example of sheer blatant corruption it’s a wonder anyone watches anymore. We give the Americans stick for being a bit simple but at least a great deal of them have worked out the NFL and NBA is fixed, scripted entertainment…..well, it was clarified by the supreme court over there so…..
    Over here the penny hasn’t dropped sadly.

    • If Jose was British his media persona would be portrayed as that of a spoiled child rather than this cod-charisma.

      I thought his behaviour at Anfield was pathetic, “the best team lost” to his opposite number’s face. How old are you, 12?!

      The football is turgid for 85% of the game and to make it worse it’s not been winning matches of late. So what’s left? Nothing but negative vibes… that’s Jose. Fine when he’s winning but little to nothing to enjoy, even from a draw. Because it’s always a 0-0 or a 1-1! ?


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