Tottenham fell to a disappointing 3-0 defeat at Manchester City on Saturday night.

A Rodri penalty and Ilkay Gundogan’s double secured the points for the hosts. Here’s how every Spurs player rated on the night.

Hugo Lloris, 3 – Arguably should have saved the first two goals.

Japhet Tanganga, 6 – Dealt with Raheem Sterling quite well in the first half and didn’t do much wrong.

Davinson Sanchez, 4 – Made to look a fool by Ederson’s long ball for the third.

Eric Dier, 5 – Slightly more composed than Sanchez but hardly a good performance.

Ben Davies, 4 – Overrun too often down his side.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, 4 – Gave the penalty away and was a bit slack in possession.

Tanguy Ndombele, 4 – Having a bit of a dip in form at the moment.

Erik Lamela, 4 – Got stuck in but far too wasteful on the break.

Lucas Moura, 3 – Hooked at half-time after a complete non-performance.

Harry Kane, 5 – Some promising moments but didn’t have a sniff at goal bar a free-kick.

Son Heung-min, 5 – Made some good runs but was hardly found.


Moussa Sissoko, 4 – Came on to bolster the midfield (it didn’t work).

Dele Alli, N/A – A quiet cameo.

Gareth Bale, N/A – Had Spurs’ best chance with a fine dribble and shot.



  1. With that back four and Lloris behind them, what did anyone expect but a hammering?. It was like watching men v boys, when they had the ball it was so calm and collected, they all moved for each other which gave the player on the ball options, but when we had it, it was like we had hold of a red hot potato and they couldn’t get rid of it quick enough.
    Lloris is so poor it’s ridiculous, I hear he’s even been called chocolate wrists by ex Spurs players, as for Dier, Davies and Sanchez they don’t seem to have any quality or any clue between them, it’s a sad affair when the best player in our back line was a 21 year old Tanganga who very rarely plays.
    You can’t blame Mourinho for these bad performances either, the blame has to lye with Levy, Lewis and ENIC, without sufficient funds to strengthen the team nothing is going to change, it doesn’t matter who’s in charge, we’ve had some great managers in the past and the same thing happens over and over again. 20 odd years of ENIC rule and just one League Cup to show for is no coincidence, if we don’t get rid of ENIC nothing will change.
    The only way to bring back success to this club is to bring in an owner who’s willing to invest in the team, going from manager to manager no matter who they are won’t change a thing, it’s as simple as that.

  2. It is time for Spurs to have big change at defending which is serious
    Dier and Sanchez is not suitable partner defenders
    Spurs is getting worse with defending

  3. We are really rubbish at the moment,it’s not Levy it’s José with keep changing the back 4 and wonder how the player’s fill when he’s having a go at them all the time or Dele/Bale,get another manager in asap.

  4. Granted Enic/Levy have a lot to answer for, but many of the players cost a lot of money and just have not turned up and been real lemons.Sanchez at £42M the perfect case.Enic paid the money; just bad recruiting.

  5. How many top players could we have had during pochs tenure but penny pinching levy wouldn’t do it.just name a few who are now super stars who would have come to us but the usual story.grealish,fernandes, Watkins,maddison etc,but instead went shopping in cut price stores.we now have the results and capped it all by giving a huge contract to a manager who is yesterdays man.and we expect to get silverware in the cup by beating City.must be joking.probably after getting hammered 5-0 the sacking will take place an manager rides off into the sunset with a huge pay off, and Kane and Son leave for a club with so sad.

  6. Bad choice of manager who is out of date and prehistoric. Transfer choices too. We bought Aurier, but could have bought Perreira. We got Lo Celso instead of Bruno Fernandes. Didn’t buy Grealish when could have got him for £20m-£30m. Not replaced Eriksen. Got a cheap loan striker in who is ok, but not quite good enough. Take Kane, Son, Ndombele out and we are pretty sh8t. Aging squad. Few youngsters to be excited about. Sissoko, Lamela, Moura, Doherty, Aurier, Davies, all 28 or older and not good enough. Lloris has been better this year but so poor the last two games. We seemed to have a happy dressing room earlier in the year, but it seems they are broken now. Feeling sorry for themselves. Many egos battered by the manager. Rarely an arm around them or a compliment. Even when it is going well, he is miserable as hell. I don’t see a plan B. It is defend, give up possession and try and counter attack. We don’t do that well. The final ball or pass is letting us down. 2 games a week is tough. You can see us losing that final. When we meet a good team in the Europa League, we are done. Maybe 8th in the league if we are lucky. Where do we start in the summer and who wants to play for Mr Grumpy now? We are lucky if Kane and Son want to stay and remain trophyless for the rest of their careers.


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