The Liverpool game has been rearranged for the 20th January.

This means that our upcoming fixtures are as follows.

Jan 16th – Hull -home
Jan 20th – Liverpool – away
Jan 23rd – Leeds – home
Jan 26th – Fulham – home
Jan 30th – Birmingham – away

It could be worse. The Hull game at home should be relatively easy, whilst Liverpool have a tough away match at Stoke. After the Liverpool game, our home draw against Leeds in the cup gives us an opportunity to rest a few players, before the Fulham match.

Playing 5 games in 14 days is tough, but we should come in as the fresher team against Liverpool, as they face Reading tomorrow, before tackling Stoke on Saturday.

The nightmare scenario that we all envisaged when the game was first called off, was the Liverpool game being sandwiched somewhere in-between our consecutive games against Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United. This is definitely the lesser of two evils.

The fixture pile up will be a test for our squad, especially if we pick up injuries in positions where we lack cover, such as central midfield, but with the window open, there’s always the chance that we’ll strengthen the squad during January.

Of all our January games, I have to say that on recent form, the trip to Birmingham promises to be at least as tough as the trip to Anfield. Bring it on.



  1. lol, interesting article… Im a life long pool fan but lfcforever… That is THE most biased post ive ever read. Gomes over Riena all day long. Aurelio is poor imo, whereas Ekotto has come on leaps and bounds this season, still a bit suspect defensively buut would still hav him ahead of Aurelio. Corluka started seqason poorly but is finding his form of old recently, Johnsson is excellent goin forward but his positional play defensively worries me… Tie. Carragher is nowhere near his old self, still a force but is past his best, Bassong is a very good player but yet to see his best…. Tie again, although i would hav Woodgate or Dawson ahead of Carragher at the mo. Agger ahead of King!! That 1s a gem lol.. King is the best centre half in Europe imo when fit. Kranjcar v Benny is a close call… both great to watch when on form… Tie! Maxi v Lennon… no comparison, Lennon wins hands down, best player in the league atm. Gerrard ahead of any Spurs midfielder even though he is suffering this season without Alonso. I would hav Palacios ahead of Aquilani or Masch. Torres ahead of any Tottenham forward, or any in the league for that matter, however he is another who’s form is suffering because of Alonso departure. But Defoe ahead of any other LFC forward and thats wat worries me… our strenghth in depth! There has been many pundits on t.v that hav stated that Spurs hav a better ‘squad’ that LFC, i.e Merson, Hoddle, Nichlos, Le Tiss. I used to rubbish these rumours but i can now see their point…. Spurs bench of Keane, Crouch, Jenas, Dawson, Bentley, Bale, Cudicini is better than our bench, including Ngog and Illunga, these players are not good enough for LFC, we are supposed to be a world class team and i am sick to death of our Manager, Board, Players and fans who are satisfied with wat we hav, who believe wat we hav is good enough to challenge for the title… THEY ARE NOT!! And its people like u lfcforever who are exactly the problem of our club, we cant stand still like we have and watch teams like Spurs, Villa and city grow in strenghth and overtake us, it shouldnt be happenin.. We are the most decorated club in English football history and its all about to go down the pan! We need to take a leaf out of Tottenhams book and run our club with the efficiency of Tottenhams board and get a Manager that knows the game as Tottenhams manager does. Good luck for the rest of the season Spurs, in a way i kinda hope that u finish above us this season to give us the kick up the arse we obviously need. That article is me being completely and brutally honest.

  2. I was coming on to cane Stavros now I have finished my chips but YNWA what a good post from a true Liverpool Fan.

    Stavros your a cu*t!!

  3. Feels guilty for being so anti scouse when people like YNWA have come on and are talking sense and being honest.

    Stavros nobody likes you….nobody what so ever, your posts are sh1t, and you are showing up true Liverpool fans

  4. how dare u spuds mugs call liverpool a bunch of thieving dregs from stoneage Ireland, Tottenham really is an area to model England on, its like spot the white man there at least in Liverpool the majority of people look like they are English

  5. Oh and your going on about being English, Spuds are the team of the yids, So when you are known as being the Jewish club you can’t really comment on Liverpools heritage

  6. This is the problem with Liverpool fans they demand success because of there medals ,the generation on hear would rob your pension if you fought in every war on the planet so you cant say Tottenham shouldent be overtaking you its best team this year not last or 61 62 .you where the best supporters and team in the land and beyond but like all great teams if you dont replace the old with the new you will fall from the top and this is happening Right now . Its not Spurs or Villa thats your problem but City and oil money 112 a gallon of it the lets hope you finish fourth and we finish third now that would be a new dawn both new grounds new songs and new history to brag about lets join together and bash the oil rip off City


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