Rather unsurprisingly, neither TottenhamBlog, Andy Gray, Mark Lawrenson or Jeff Stelling managed to correctly predict the result of Spurs v Wigan and thus, we all remain pointless (literally and some would say, figuratively).

So with three points for getting the score right and one point for predicting the result, here are our selections this week:

TottenhamBlog: West Brom 0 Tottenham 1
Andy Gray: West Brom 1 Tottenham 2
Mark Lawrenson: West Brom 1 Tottenham 1
Jeff Stelling: West Brom 1 Tottenham 2

So Lawrenson is the only pundit not predicting a Spurs win, explaining: “But because it’s Tottenham, and because they have the Champions League tie away at Werder Bremen on the Tuesday, I’m going to go for a draw in this one.”

He’s never liked us.




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