Fulham’s Moussa Dembele often flatters to deceive and while he gets rave reviews in some sections of the press, the record throughout his career isn’t great.

However, speaking after the London derby on Sunday, former Spurs boss Martin Jol claimed that the 24 year old Belgian could go on to emulate the feats of a current White Hart Lane favourite.

“In a couple of months he will be like Rafa van der Vaart. Dembele will become one of the best players in the Premier League.” Jol said.

Those comments have inevitably sparked a resurrection of a rumour that briefly appeared in the summer linking Spurs with a move for Dembele, with a figure in the region of £10m being quoted.

In striking terms, Dembele hits the net about once every five games and while there is more to his game than that, it would take a massive leap of faith to invest £10m in the hope that the player will develop into the next VDV.

Does Moussa Dembele have that potential, or is it simply not worth the risk?



  1. We want Champions League! We need to get players like Eden Hazard and Mairo Gotze not bloody
    Dembele! We need to get oustanding young players who are going to make a difference in our team. Dembele cannot be like Rafa van der Vaart because they are on complete different levels- van der Vaart is Captain of Holland- he plays with the likes of Modric and Sniedjer and Bale and van Persie and Robben and Parker! These are world class players which means he will get better chances and play better football because the teams he plays for are just so much better than the players and teams Dembele is playing with! COYS!

    • Ive seen Dembele play quite a few times and i guarantee you that this lad will be a top player, amazing potential. Different to vdv so pointless to compare.
      Cavani and Damiao are players i hope we bid for. Cavani would be a superb signing.

  2. I see him more a winger myself and would certainly add some footballing brain as lennons competition…I fee there is a lot of “wastage” from our wingers as their end product/crossing can sometimes leave a lot to be desired..Dembele could be our Silva/Mata not necessary a goalscorer but someone who can hold on to the ball and provide that glue that enables us to hold posession better..The guy is all technique and pocesses beautiful balance and grace on the ball. I personally dont see Fulham selling him anyway unless for some crazy money..

  3. ilovespurs – Apart friom this weekend have you ever seen the guy play..Am sure you were one of those who probably thought Parker was not good enough before he signed for Spurs..Not all good players have to cost £25mill..

  4. Well what is he? I see him quoted as being a striker, a playmaker, and someone here saw him as a potential winger. ILoveSpurs – Adebayor 4-5 years ago did not look like he would improve anyone’s team. It took him 3 seasons to look good. Dembele has been here a year. Did Modric look like a world beater when he first came? No. I am not saying that this guy is the answer, but it takes time. Reserve judgement for now. If Hazard came here, it would take him time to settle in too. Look at David Silva now compared to when he first came over.

    • I have little opinion about Dembele, but about the time to settle comment, Silva had to adjust to a new league. Look at Enrique and Adam, they both switched clubs in the same league and are playing at a comparable level (at least) to what they had been before.
      There are also exceptions to transferring from an outside league, such as VdV, who settled almost immediately.


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