So AVB is back and talking to the press and having dismissed talk of a move to PSG, the boss spoke about one of our alleged transfer targets. Brazilian international Bernard has been linked with a move to White Hart Lane for a couple of weeks now and last week the player’s agent suggested that Spurs were the only name in the frame.

“Dortmund have not submitted a proposal and Tottenham are the only contenders,” Hissa Moyses told reporters.

Speaking to the media however, Andre has played down this suggestion.

“Bernard’s a player that we monitor like many others, but I think Tottenham will do nothing regarding them,” Villas-Boas confirmed.

The 20 year old had been one of the better prospects to be linked this summer but as AVB spoke, the midfielder was claiming interest from Porto who are looking to replace former Spurs target Joao Moutinho.

“When I hear of FC Porto, the first name that comes to mind is Hulk, who triumphed in this club,” Bernard is quoted as saying.

“We focus here on the national team but he (Hissa Moyses) often talks to me about this wonderful club. He told me to take my time, but this club is all made to feel at ease.”

It seems that the player’s agent is talking up many teams while talking up his client in virtually the same breath. Rumours may persist but Andre’s comments suggest it’s time to move on.




  1. It would be a shame to not pursue this player as i feel he would be the kind of acquisition we need. The Porto link does add an extra complication, but not in terms of ability to finance the deal. Porto are unlikely to pay the fee of €25m as this is not their usual modus operandi. The more likely scenario would be the pay a reduced fee but allow the continued third party ownership of the player, with the likelihood of improved sell on value for both parties at a later date. Either way, whether the full fee is paid or third party interests are retained his club would receive the same fee, so it is of no consequence to A Miniero oh well. Ido have a cunning plan though for the future, Spurs set up an independent company in S America, giving us third party interests. This strategy would allow us to improve our chances of obtaining our transfer targets, along with registering increased profits when clubs such as Porto sign players that have third party ownership, and then sell them on at greatly inflated prices. (This would depend on the legalities of such a venture ?)
    COYS Adere est Facere !!!!!


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