Nacer’s about turn

Nacer’s about turn


Just 24 hours ago, the agent of Spurs midfielder Nacer Chadli was talking up a loan move during January as his client looked for more game time ahead of the 2014 world cup. With the Belgian international on the fringes of the Tottenham side, Daniel Evrard was hinting that the best solution all round was a temporary deal away from White Hart Lane.

“His situation is not easy at Tottenham at the moment. The World Cup is arriving so it’s a problem,” Evrard is quoted as saying by the Evening Standard.

“For him to play at the World Cup it’s important so why not a loan? We haven’t spoken to Tottenham yet but I know there are clubs interested in him.”

Today however, it seems that all that has changed with the agent backtracking on his comments after talks with the club.

“Nacer has thought about a loan, but after a good conversation with the club, we have decided to stay,” Evrard said today (Thursday).

“Spurs is still the best choice. You can’t compare Nacer’s situation with Kevin De Bruyne’s situation at Chelsea, who almost didn’t play in the last six months.”

Evrard concluded by claiming that Chadli isn’t concerned about losing his Belgian squad place.

“Nacer’s always in the squad and gets his minutes. He isn’t afraid to lose his place in the Belgian national squad.”

None of these proposed loan deals looked particularly likely but should Nacer Chadli be used more at Spurs or have you seen enough of him already?


  1. It was hardly a change of direction: all his agent said was that Chadli would consider a loan move, bu they wanted to speak to the club first – i.e. they want to know if he is in Sherwood’s plans. As Sherwood had already given an interview stating that Chadli (and Lamela) were in his plans, it was all rather obsolete, really.

    Didn’t stop any and every media outlet running with another anti-Spurs slanted headline!

  2. LOL He knows it makes sense to do a U-turn on this , show Tim Sherwood that you have the ability and you deserve a 1st team spot……….dont moan !!!………Simples !!


  3. Perhaps the about turn was due to him failing a medical in Holland for a Dutch club on loan? A bit if face saving maybe?
    But inclined to agree with SP.

  4. I agree with giving Eric a chance beacsue he will be a top top player if shown some love and patience. I think Chadli also deserves a chance, he is not a winger, he is strong, good ball control and can picka pass, he can also shoot on target. I say he could be played as a supposting striker or in place of erickson when unavailable. We have seen how good he can be in the past so lets get the best out of him and I think Tim can see that.


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