The Sun kicks things off, as they report how Darren Bent was thrown off a plane to China, so that he could complete his transfer to Sunderland. Thankfully the plane was still on the ground at the time.

The rag also quote Thierry Henry, talking about how much Patrick Vieira loves the Scum. He’s probably got an Arsenal mosaic in his back garden.

The Mirror think that Jermain Defoe will soon be suing the police, after he was wrongfully arrested and held in custody for five hours. Does anyone else think that this might have been a ploy to stop Darren Bent getting on that plane to China, that went a bit wrong?

Having finally got on said plane to China, Defoe is interviewed by The Daily Star, where he states that he is determined to this time make the cut for the England World Cup squad. Perhaps he might be taken more seriously if he didn’t only score against Andorra.

The Daily Express speculates on what the arrival of Peter Crouch will mean for Robbie Keane.



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