Yesterday was a joyous occasion. Not only did we beat off the competition from the rest of Europe’s elite to sign Jimmy Walker, but there was also the news that Chelsea have been banned from signing any new players until 2011.

Given their ageing squad and the fact that half their team will disappear for the African Nations Cup in January, such a ban will hit Chelsea harder than it would most clubs. It also effectively means that Chelsea won’t be able to afford to sell anyone during this period, so hopefully by 2011 their squad will be a mass of seething resentment.

As is always the way with anything remotely newsworthy these days, someone has made a Downfall parody of the situation. Sit back and enjoy Hitler and Co. laughing it up at Chelsea’s expense.



  1. Unfortunately it won’t happen. They will get it rescinded or severly curtailed or fined instead on appeal.
    Money speaks money to money.
    Perhaps whatsisnameski will be so upset he will take his billions elsewhere. Perhaps not.
    Lets enjoy thinking about it while we can.


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