I’ve often asked myself what I’d be doing if I hadn’t chosen my current career. For some, the answer to this question is easy. Take Peter Crouch. When asked what he would be if he wasn’t a footballer, Peter famously quipped, “A virgin”. For others, the answer is already obvious to many. If our man Harry Rednapp wasn’t a Premiership football manager, he’d probably be a second hand car salesman.

As we all know, Harry could talk the hind legs off a donkey. The smooth Cockney wizard was born with the gift of the gab. Harry must now deploy his greatest asset to help the club lay it’s hands on the Holy Grail: a fourth place finish in the league that will open the portal of Champions League football next season. Arise, Sir Harry, and take on this challenge. You are the Grand Old Duke Of Talk.

Unlike his near namesake, Harry doesn’t have 10,000 men at his disposal. But the Spurs fans, at one point this season, did have more than this many hopes. When they were up, they were up. Just one week ago, our season offered the fruit of an FA Cup final and the club’s highest league finish in two decades.

And when they were down, they were down. The defeat to Portsmouth last Sunday was a devastating blow to all. Now we find ourselves in a position where our hopes are only half way up – we know a Champions League spot is possible, but we are not counting any chickens – so they are neither up nor down.

At such a vital stage in the season, it’s the small things that can make all the difference. As the Arsenal result showed, confidence and mental agility are key. This is where Harry comes in. Harry has the ability to pep talk the team to victory, crafting his words to unlock the team’s true potential.

This of course only applies in a footballing sense. Harry is currently in and out of court on a £40,000 tax evasion charge. Talk your way out of that mate. But with three huge games coming up against Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City, all is to play for. This message is for you Harry. Save Our Season – an SOS cry from the fans, if you will.



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