Mystery surrounds the proposed loan deal for David Beckham with conflicting reports coming out of both camps.

As the Charlton game drew closer, it seemed likely that an announcement confirming the deal would be made to the fans prior to kick off. However a statement from the official Spurs website before the game, declared that Beckham would only be training with the club until his return to MLS side L A Galaxy.

Subsequently it transpired that due to a problem with his insurance, he would not be playing for Spurs and we would therefore only see him at the training ground.

That seemed to be the end of it and while reports maintained that Harry Redknapp had given up on the deal, Beckham’s advisers were apparently quoted as saying that they were hopeful of the loan still going through.

This morning, Teamtalk quote Harry as saying he is still ‘hopeful’ whereas over at the official Tottenham site, there has been no change from yesterday’s statement.

Beckham is at the club today undergoing some fitness tests prior to him training on Tuesday. In all the confusion, the one thing we can be certain of is that this story isn’t over yet.



  1. Legend he may be but he is gone now. What he does from now on is of no concern to us. I wish him all the best but quite falrkny, I couldn’t care less if he played for Seatle or Southend. Players are expendable commodities. Once they get old, their worth diminishes and they have to do what is best for them. If the yanks are prepared to pay him silly money to play what is tantamount to part time football, all the sentiment in the world wont stop him from going.


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