It’s another day so there must be another striker linked with Spurs. The man in the frame this time appears to be a former Manchester United player who has appeared for Villareal. No not Diego Forlan this time, although don’t be surprised if his name doesn’t come up before January is out. Your striker for today is Giuseppe Rossi, and the newspapers claim that a bid is ‘imminent’.

Rossi was born in America, plays his club football in Spain and has been capped by Italy. Currently he’s banging them in for Villareal and has notched a few at Parma, but perhaps more telling is his record in England where he was pretty much a failure at both Manchester United and Newcastle.

Again, this could very well be just paper talk, as with many other names that we’ve seen this month, but it’s an interesting shout. You could look at his record in two ways – either he couldn’t adapt to English football and won’t do again, or he’s just grown and blossomed in Spain into a much better player. He is only 23 after all.

Time will tell, and with a week and a half to go, we’ll know soon enough whether they’ll be any more new faces at the Lane.



  1. I’m a Yank, before a Spurs supporter. And after Rossi flipped us the bird to play for those thugs in blue, he leaped to the top of my shit list.

    I don’t know if Rossi is a good striker for Spurs. Maybe he is. But dammit, from a purely selfish standpoint, as an American I don’t WANNA be Rossi’s fan!

    • Decent Striker turns down USA to play for decent team SHOCK!

      Mennodaddy, they might be thugs in blue right now, but they’ve a history and class that obviously isn’t recognised/valued in America. And that, my friend, is why he did it.

      Let’s buy HULK – I want that printed on my shirt more than I should.

      • May not be true anymore, but you could very well argue that the USA had the better team than the Azzuri at the World Cup this summer. They certainly performed better. Plus, Rossi would’ve been a clear starter in the USA squad. He didn’t even make the Italy WC team that flamed out this summer.

  2. Good player but no hes not the answer we need someone like tevez who runs about hassles opponents can hold up the ball and can finish.
    We have small and quick in Defoe, Big in Crouch and Allrounder yet Lazy Pav.
    The only players who fit the bill of what we need is Suarez, Hulk, Benzema or Carroll as he gets about for a big man.

  3. The blunt answer is no and a little bird has told me Carroll will be signing for us and Pav and Dosantos going the other way . The stumbling block is Ashley and Wenger’s Sparring partner Partridge wants three point on Saturday thrown in. They will be energised and pumped anyway so Harry has excepted this by telling our strikers not to score and our reserves they are all going on loan priceless information or a rumour from the bird Mr Magpie. Coys

  4. If you have dreams in winning silverware, these are the games we need to capitilize in gaining max. points.We are treating this game as if we are confronting Barca or Real Madrid away.

  5. Roy Singh with the energy flowing round the premiership and the rise of that expensive squad Blackpool or should i say failed footballers who have beat Newcastle 2-0 at the Toonvile ground. We would find it easier playing Barca than dirty Barton a pumped up Nolan and a crowd who think there team is Barca and and wanting a win . The shocks are not just happening here in Spain Real Madrid have just had a shock draw and they could have bean beat by a team bottom. Jimmy Greaves said its a funny old game well now its a shocking game with deadly outcomes if you ignore all the advice about too much energy can gain points but it can also kill and that makes it a very sad game and not funny any more. Remember this Roy the different’s between Class and a trier is when a trier tires Class will tell the problem is the trier never tires and this is why we are one game away from a shock result.

  6. “but perhaps more telling is his record in England where he was pretty much a failure at both Manchester United and Newcastle”

    Rubbish – you honestly think it’s more significant that he couldn’t get a game at Man Utd when he was 19 or 20, rather than the fact he’s now successful with Villareal? I’m not really a Rossi fan, but I’d say it’s fair to say he’s a much better player now than when he left England.


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