So the unthinkable now seems inevitable, and Chelsea will probably get their man.

It pains me to say this, as I really do believe that Luka Modric is irreplaceable. Having watched the little maestro dictate the play of games at the Lane on many occasions, it’s understandable why Spurs don’t want to sell the Croatian international and it he will certainly be a great asset to an ageing Chelsea squad.

Whilst I’d be happy for the whole transfer saga to break down and Luka to stay, I’m also of the opinion that the deal could be a blessing in disguise for Spurs. My reasons to be positive are this:

1. £30-£35 million would represent a 200% profit on the player, and the money can be used to improve the squad.

2. Losing the creativity that Modric provides will force Harry to use other squad players (particularly Niko Kranjcar, who once again has shown loyalty by opting to fight for his place) and we also have further options such as Giovanni, Huddlestone, or even Bentley.

3. Without Modric playing, Rafael VDV can be dropped deeper into midfield, this will allow the Dutch midfielder more space to work his talents, Spurs can play a 4-4-2 system with 2 recognised strikers and hopefully this will help kill off the weaker teams in contrast to last terms struggles.

So whilst losing a player like Luka isn’t a situation any Spurs fan would welcome, you have to be positive and think that every cloud has a silver lining.

Look at how Liverpool used the Torres money and remember that no player is bigger than the club!




  1. Actually adam, its around half way, we would gain about 10Mil since we brought him for 16.5, and would sell him for 27+, so its around 150%….so as David Jones posted we would get 200% profit….anywayyy

    very good article i think. The loyalty Kranjcar has shown, alongside how well he’s done for us in both seasons winning us games really makes me want to get rid of modric after all this affair and give him a 1st team place, i honestly think he’s deserved it! modric is not bigger then the club and the attitude he’s shown after signing a 6 year contract is low. ship him out, abroad preferably and take the money!

  2. this is not just about the s-croat moving!!! this is about believing in principles. The guy was willing to sign a luctrative contract not long ago and probably is very close to 70k, not so long ago he was embarrassedthat his salary became public knowledge when there was so much people in his country suffering on low salaries.
    How much longer do we want to feed the bigger clubs and not be a big club ourselves.
    Levy is correct, take a hit on his salary, get him to see out his contract, did the guy refund any money when he was out injured, were the so called big clubs willing to take a chance with him prior to us!!!
    Stand firm Daniel as your words will stand for nothing if you back down and sell I QUOTE Mr irreplaceable

  3. I hate to be so cut and dry but this transfer you have put a positive spin in on has only benefits for this transfer window. This is about us not being bullied into selling our best players. We have to show that we are not the same club as the one that sold Carrick and Berbatov. (I know we physically are but you know what I mean). Unfortunately it is as simple as that. Remember when Rooney put in a transfer request we need to show we are that type of club not the one that just rolls over. Its politics not football thats driving all this talk.

  4. A) Can’t see why it’s inevitable at all – Levy has said he’s not for sale and it needs him to sanction any sale regardless of whether Luka asks politely or stands on a window ledge threatening to jump if he doesn’t get his way.

    B) Great as Luka is,and great as his impact on our team is,i don’t think losing him would have a massive impact on our ability to get results next season (presuming transfer fee is invested in striker/s).However that really isn’t the point.If Levy lets Modric go this window,it’ll be Bale next summer,someone else the window afterwards etc etc Set a precedent now i.e we only sell when we want to sell and we may actually have a future.This saga is not about Modric’s contribution to the team,it’s about stopping Spurs losing the best of their players as soon as a ‘big’ club comes calling.

  5. We have shown very little ambition in the
    resent transfer windows. We spend a lifetime
    trying to get into the champions league, and
    then show no real intent. A lot of P.R. about
    signing top strikers on the last day of the winter
    transfer window but just a smoke screen to give us
    suckers hope. No top players at their peak are going
    to come to us on the wages we pay except if they
    show a little charity.
    Our policy seems to buy a lot of young talent and if
    they show exceptional quality then the corrupt
    money moves in and takes them. If we sell Modric
    we will never move forward, at best treading water.
    We must stop this cycle and prove to everyone that
    we want to compete, including our top players.
    No more flim flam please Daniel.

  6. 1. Unless maths has changed since I was brung up how can selling for £30-35m after buying for £16.5m be 200% or even 150% profit? To make 100% profit we’d need to sell him for £33m. £35m would be 112%.

    2. I’d be surprised if anyone but Thudd of those mentioned is still here on 1/10/11.

    3. I’m not convinced VDV has the legs to play an out and out CM. He’s more effective in a 4-4-1-1 but that does limit us in striker. Perhaps we don’t need 4 or 5 of them though. 3 decent ones would do.

  7. 1 think I don’t understand.. how come with our wage structure we can’t attract a top striker, whereas when we were shockingly bad in the mid-90’s, we could get Klinsmann (& already had Sheringham)?

  8. This whole subject is getting out of hand
    1) Take the profit but also say part of the transfer must include he doesn’t play against spurs this season and include Sturridge in with the 30m so that the full tr5ansfer would be nearer 40m.
    2) Buy a top C/forward and C/Half
    3) Tell the Russian that all monies are required up front and not to try to purchase any more spurs plays for a set time.

  9. I’d be absolutely AMAZED if Levy sells Modric to Chelsea (or any “Top 6” rival for that matter)…If Modric REALLY wants to leave Spurs, it’ll be on Levy’s terms and most probably to a Top 10 european Champions League team, for £35-40m..

  10. “So the unthinkable now seems inevitable, and Chelsea will probably get their man”
    What a complete load of bollocks.
    As many before me have said on various sites over the past couple of week on the Modric saga, what part of not for sale dont you understand? If you are a true Spurs fan and feel deeply about the club then surely you can see that by selling one of our best players to the competition will only halt our progression in it’s tracks, enhances theirs and damage us for years to come. We will effectively be a lame duck at the mercey from all and sundry. Our Chairman has made a stand and will not budge from that stance. The Russian has played dirty from the start and that has truly angered Levy. Remember, Spurs are not a poor club either so do not need to sell just to survive as Chelsea had to not so long ago.
    The Modric scenario is vastly different from the Berbatov situation, Berbatov had one year remaining on his contract and levy had very little room to manouvre. Granted, he got a tremendous deal in the sale to ManU and I could see where some of you are putting two and two together. May i remind you that Modric has five years remaining on his contract having put pen to paper a year ago, no buy out clause and no gentlemans agreement written in either. Levy holds all the aces here and is perfectly within his rights to do what he is doing. Incidently, is it the same Croatian newspaper who supposedly interviewed Modric on the weekend who are now saying that he has handed in a written transfer request? It is also interesting that the Russians super yacht was sighted moored in the marina at Dubrovnik just prior to this Croatian newspapers sensational news. Both Levy and Redknapp are trying to build a team capable of staying at the top for years to come, not dismantle it and not so long ago Modric was singing from the same hymn sheet as well. I wonder who changed his mind, I wonder.

  11. 1. SPURS is NOT a Selling team
    4. Luca signed a new 5 year contract !
    5. WIN WITH SPURS this season, and next season, and LUKA, with SPURS blessings, you can go happily.
    Luka, SPURS has been good to YOU.

  12. And LUKA, Give back to SPURS 2 more years, you will be 27 years young. WIN with YOUR COLLEAGUES, WIN 4 us SPURS FANS ALL OVER D WORLD, AND YR FANS IN MALAYSIA. JUST MAKE UP. MOVE ON.


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