Over the last few days, we’ve looked at some of the existing members of the Spurs squad and tried to judge what sort of season we can expect from them.

At the moment, Aaron Lennon seems to be splitting opinion down the middle and some have even argued that it’s time for him to move on.

Signed from Leeds in 2005, Lennon quickly showed that he could turn promise into the finished article but throughout his Tottenham career, there seems to have been peaks accompanied by some very deep troughs.

The frustration at the moment seems to be over the end product. Lennon looks speedy but does he run up blind alleys too often and does he not provide the killer pass often enough?

Then of course there is the relationship with Redknapp. Is there a problem here that’s affecting the winger? His body language on Sunday was poor and you feel that if Harry could bring in what he felt was an adequate replacement he would let Aaron go.

While it still remains a slim possibility that the player could be out of the White Hart Lane door tomorrow, chances are he will stay and if that is the case, what does Lennon or Redknapp need to do to ensure a productive and above all, consistent season?

Will Aaron Lennon be a hit or miss in 2011-12?



  1. It would be far better to sell him and use the money to buy Xherdan Shaqiri who is miles better and only 18 so many years in a Spurs shirt. Then get rid of Modric and replace him with Miralem Pjanic who is also young at 20. On the left Bale and behind Pjanic either Parker or Sandro. That would be a quality midfield.

  2. he is probably most overated player in our squad, what does he do except run??? yes he has his days when he is devastating but he is totally overated and more so what the hell is the deal with his eyebrow? a big MISS.

    • ermmm i actually think Bale is overrated! ain’t done nothing for 9 months!! and Aaron has actually stop shaving lines in his hair!!!

      • From Wikipedia we paid 7m for Bale and I have to see he’s EASILY worth that. Is he worth the 40m or whatever people were saying last season after a couple of CL games? No. Hype aside he’s still one of the best players on our team.

        Since he has been hyped he’s commonly been double-teamed or at least paid more attention to, and his output has gone down. But that extra attention means we have players elsewhere on the pitch who have a little more freedom. And he does still produce; can you fault him that our amazing forwards aren’t putting away his crosses?

        At (just) 22 he does take advantage of his speed and stamina (why not?) but he’s also getting noticeably better on his short game, he’s becoming more of an aerial threat, and his movement is improving.

        World Class? No, but I can’t think who I’d take over him that would reasonably come to Spurs.

        • In case it wasn’t clear the above is about Bale; I agree that Lennon is under-performing. If someone offered 20m for him I’d snap it out of their hand. Off the top of my head I’d rather have one of Sulejmani, Goetze, or Hazard.

  3. I think Aaron is a quality player, one of our unsung heroes. He played an amazing season for us last season and I think he comes on, does his job and when he misses up, he runs after the ball and chases it down. He puts his heart into most games and is rarely lazy.

    Superb player, should definitely keep him. Bentley should be more of a talking point if we are going to get rid of anyone on the right!

    • Couldn’t agree more. Lennon gets up and down the pitch more than any winger in the Premier League and his pace is priceless. Has to be kept.

  4. Keep hearing about Redknapp’s man management skills well now is the time to start showing it, !!!!!! Lennon and Bale are two of our outstanding players, Why are they not performing ??? In Europe last year Bale and Lennon were the most talked about players in our squad, Arry start proving you are worth the millions of £’s we pay you each season.

  5. Lennon hasnt been at his best since he got injured before the world cup.pre -crouch Lennon was on fire , he would attack the full back and whip balls in not always with quality but enough to think a little work on the training ground could improve his quality. since we signed crouch he constantly tries to dink balls to the far post for crouch which were nearly always blocked.hopefully we will sell 3mp and once fit lennon can return to his old ways.worth keeping. jus on a comment someone made earlier about bentley,we all know he’s not going to make it as winger but wiv vdv injured if we cant shift him off the books what about a roll behind the forward?after it is the position he was playing at blackburn when we signed him.he hasnt got pace but neither does vdv and bentley can hit shots from distance with either foot.like i said worth a try if we cant sell him and if not in the prem then at least in the europa cup!

  6. We keep saying…”If he could improve his final ball, he would be lethal.” Unfortunately, nine games out of ten, we are still waiting. Problem is, I’m not sure who in our current squad would be an upgrade over him and I don’t see us bringing an adequate in this late in the window.

  7. Hope no one was counting on Bryan Ruiz coming in to help us out this season. Fulham has paid 10.9 million to acquire the former Twente winger.

  8. the problem with Bale and Lennon is they are not coached correctly. training should be about what to do when approaching the box. Bale has to be less predictable, and Lennon has to whip balls in from everywhere and anywhere or cut balls back to CM attacking runs. Look at how Ronaldo improved at Utd, and Nani, and Valencia as well – tells you its about coaching these players correctly around their strengths – if city would sell A Johnson would be gr8 competetion for our flanks.
    re Bale – surprised we havent played him as CM with Niko,Rose,Townsend, or Gio down the left?? would be awesome, bit like stevie G for Liverpool or Giggs at Utd


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