Whether you feel it’s no co-incidence that the return of Ledley King has heralded a run of three straight wins for Spurs, it’s been encouraging to see our club captain return at the heart of the Spurs’ defence.

After a miserable injury ridden campaign in 2010-11, Ledley is looking to play as much as possible this time around and is just starting to eye up a new contract when his current deal expires at the end of the season,

“This is my biggest season at Spurs yet. It is the first time I have been in a situation like this – when my contract is up. So it is a big season,” King said

“I have to prove I am still worth it. I can’t see myself pulling on a shirt for anybody else at this stage of my career – although a player can never say never.

“At the end of the day, I just want to stay fit and if I can play, let’s see what position that puts me in at the end of the season.”

One of the main questions has to be when to play Ledley and when to give him a rest but while he’s obviously going to miss the Europa League, Harry has trusted him for the last three league games and you can’t see him missing Sunday’s big match if he’s fit.

“It is down to me to play the games. If I don’t play enough games, it is a difficult position,” Ledley continued.

“We will see what the situation is when all is said and done. If I get to 20 [games], I am not going to stop! I will keep playing as many as I can.”

Nobody has a crystal ball so it’s very much fingers crossed as far as injuries are concerned, but would we like to see Ledley earn a new deal at the Lane?



  1. The problem with giving him a new contract is that if he only plays 15-20 games a season, as good as he is, that is still only half the games. If he has to carry on playing, save him for all the cup games, splash the cash for an excellent, not “good ” CB (we have enough half decent ones already) and keep him out the 25 man squad. Otherwise, just create a club ambassador role for him and let him retire after (hopefully) having helped us regain CL football again.

  2. Id say this 20 games story is over egging it a bit, 20? 25? 30? games, whats the point in giving up on him now, hes still the best CB in england by a country mile, even with a facked knee, he is tottenham.


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