Depending on which paper or website you read this morning, Spurs have either rejected a permanent move for Emmanuel Adebayor out of hand or they have told the Togolese forward to accept a pay cut in return for settled, regular football at White Hart Lane.

Ade has been an instant hit at the Lane, scoring three times in his first two games, and while we all know that he is just here for a season long loan, some thoughts have turned to the possibility of a permanent deal.

Speaking in the Sun, Spurs manager Harry Redknapp said: “The only way we can realistically get a deal done is if Emmanuel is prepared to take a substantial pay-cut and put his football before money.

“If Emmanuel maintains his current form I would love to keep him but his wages are going to be a major stumbling block, that’s for sure,” he added.

Putting this individual case to one side, Adebayor has proved what a difference a world class striker can make and if he isn’t here next season, the club will have to seek out someone of equal calibre to take Spurs forward and have them competing for top four places on a regular basis.



  1. Harry loves to talk about the players salaries,something he always says he knows nothing about as Levy deals with all of that stuff,Why can he not just shut to fuck up?

  2. Just like the journo’s we are all makeing guesses.
    What are his wages? Does anybody know the real amount.
    That is the figure we have to go by.
    If Modric is going to be offered a £100,000 a week, why can’t Ade be offered the same amount? Take into account bonuses etc etc, nameing rights, petrol coupons surely it will near the amount he is earning now.

  3. Harry is making is bringing this to the fore so it will also then give Ade time to consider it without actually being asked up front. Hoever, lets see if we still want him in 6 months time, I hope so and I hope a deal can be done. We still need another top quality striker.

  4. I seem to remember reading he was on about 160-170k a week. That is considerably more than Moderic and Mods broke our salary cap.

  5. Yes, I do think that ADE will accept a decrease in wage , merely to spite Arsenal & Man City. Importantly, Lets hope that he is consistent in accelerates his standard of play ( the way he did whilst on loan with Real)

  6. if ade is enjoying his footie and we carry on the way we are then spurs will be an attractive propersition to any top striker/player. mods and bale will soon be on 100k so ade can be given that too and as has been said the rest will be made up in bonuses. his city wages of 160k a week wont be topped anywhere and he will want to play. a lot will depend on who is managing spurs and how many ade scores this year and where we finish. we must add cahil and damiao in jan to finish top 4


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