Ever since the name of Leandro Damiao first emerged in connection with a move to Spurs, a whole host of other clubs have been linked with hijacking the deal.

Here in England, Arsenal and Liverpool were two clubs to get a mention while it was recently thought that Barcelona were in pole position to sign the Internacional striker.

However, once a team from the former Soviet Union gets involved, unless you’re Manchester City, it’s probably time to admit defeat. Shakhtar Donetsk from the Ukraine are the latest club to be linked and it’s suggested that a £40m fee will be backed up with some considerable wages.

Spurs are unlikely to be able to compete with that kind of money but a report today suggests that we are still in the frame thanks to our Chairman’s ‘close’ relationship with Damiao’s Brazilian employers.

That relationship began with the transfer of Sandro last year but whether it will be enough to see Spurs regain the lead in the chase for Leandro Damiao remains to be seen.



  1. Do you honestly think that this boy really wants to ply his trade in the freezing cold of Russia or the exciting EPL, Spanish or Italian leagues, you could also add the Bundesliga to the list? or is the constant/daily reported £40M offer legit. I suspect that its just low class no class papertalk bulls**t.
    If that kind of astounding offer was actually made, the kid would have been shipped off to Russia pronto by El Presidente himself, his feet wouldnt have touched the ground until he was on Russian soil. To date Laendro Damiao hasnt budged from Brazil which makes me think that its all make believe. Quite where your headline that Spurs are to battle Shakhtar for Brazillian star comes from is anyones guess.

  2. Ray, Internacional president told the press that ‘a Ukrainian club has bid 40m Euros’. But that was as far as the story has gone. Whether this is true, or whether this is just the club trying to drive up his price remains to be seen. The story about Spurs willing battle for his signature is just pure conjecture….Spurs had an interest previously, so the media have decided Spurs will continue with their interest.

  3. Classic example of a club President who knows a valuable asset is leaving and wants to talk the price up. Who is going to pay £40m for a young player unproven in the top European leagues?…….why lets say its some unknown club in the Ukraine. In the original story Shakhtar were never mentioned, perhaps because they would deny it. Anyway would Damiao want to play in the frozen wastes, among all the mafia gangs. Hopefully with Levy and Sandro going in to bat he’ll rock up at WHL in January.

  4. No contest we are linked to there best players so we have first pick and he has signed i can feel it along with three points on Monday.

  5. With all the clubs interested in Damiao there’s no way Inter will accept anything below 35m. I’d much prefer Seydou Doumbia anyways who’d probably go for around 20m.

  6. Spurs should have over-paid for the lad a year ago……………In the end, they would have saved some moolah vs what Inter will get now for his services……..Not too mention, its a big time “if”

    He is gonna land in the area of Luis Suarez………….ball probably dropped in the end by THFC


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