Yesterday we looked at Harry’s current position at the club at a time when many fans are questioning whether he has other things on his mind as Tottenham’s season continues to unravel.
This morning, we are waking up to the news that he has received a glowing endorsement from the FA in the shape of Phil Gartside, Bolton Chairman and FA board member who claims that Redknapp has all the attributes to make for an outstanding England manager.
The full interview will be broadcast by the BBC this weekend and while Mr Gartside isn’t part of the 4 man board making the appointment, maybe this is the clearest indication yet as to who the FA have identified.



  1. It was interesting to note the the Spurs media people blocked all questions on the subject in Harry’s press conference this morning…

    Despite all that’s been said about how it isn’t to blame for our slump, the club still seem a bit paranoid about it being discussed.

    If it isn’t a distraction, why not let him talk about it?

  2. Now you see why Football is in trouble too many members of the FA are attached too Premiership Clubs. This is why we are shitting ourselves facing QPR who will have incredible work rate ignored by the FA. Harry once again being tapped is the least of Spurs worry’s throw in the tapped players can we rely on these giving us the extra miles Walker Modric Bale and Loaned Ady we will see. All i no is this Harry price will drop if we finish out of the top four and these have a better chance of le

  3. Marcelo Bielsa or Slaven Bilic (he would set the PL on fire) for me next season. (Maybe Roberto Martinez)
    Bale to go to Barca for 40 m. V. Moses to replace him.
    New striker and one CB to play along side Caulker, with Dawson as back up.
    I will let you lot fill in the blanks…..


    P.s. Rotten pussy go desolve…….


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